Message from Meath CCC RE Fixtures

November 8, 2018

1. Contact the opposing team and obtain agreement from them that they are agreeable to the change.
2. Contact the referee and obtain his agreement that he is available to officiate at the revised time/date.
3. Contact the Secretary of Meath CCC requesting the change, confirming that items 1 and 2 are agreed and that the opposing team will email a similar request in. If the referee is not available for the revised fixture there is no point requesting the change. Under no circumstances can a club approach another referee to officiate a game.


Please note that a GENUINE reason for the change must be given when contacting Meath CCC. If a GENUINE reason is not given the request will not be processed.


Clubs should bear in mind that when fixtures are made they go out to all local media outlets. Changes do not always get picked up by the media outlets which causes confusion throughout the local GAA community. This reflects negatively on us as an association.
Clubs are asked to co-operate with Meath CCC over the next number of weeks, by playing games as fixed, as we conclude our hurling and football league's and perpare for the conclusion of our championships.