Mind Games with David Meade

November 7, 2018

‘Mind Games’ with David Meade

Mindreader David Meade has been stunning audiences all over the world with his one man show that’s been described as “jawdropping”, “hilariously funny”, and “…staggering in it’s impossibility” by the Daily Mirror, BBC Radio 5 Live, and Weekend Magazine. He combines an incredibly sharp wit with skills of suggestion, psychology, and body language interpretation to reveal the thoughts of his audience members in a way never before seen by Irish audiences.  He reveals with incredible accuracy the thoughts of those around him, despite never having claimed to have any psychic ability, yet still he proves he can both read and influence the thoughts of those around him to astonishing effect.  David reveals secret pin numbers and passwords, plays a side-splitting game of Russian roulette, and predicts the most random choices and decisions an audience will make.
Think you’re a good liar? Any audience member who can lie to David successfully WILL win a substantial sum of money, in cash, on the spot.

Search Youtube for ‘DAVID MEADE MINDREADER’ for videos.

Friday 2nd October 2009 @ 8pm
 Tickets €18