Minor C'ship: Clonmore 5-12 Kildavin/Clonegal 1-9

November 8, 2018

The Minors cut loose in the second half of this game to record a convincing win, with scoring honours going to Cormac Malee (pictured) (2-3), Francie Whelan (2-2), Tom Pollard (1-3) and Josh Bowes (0-4).

End Q1: Clonmore 0-4 K/C 0-1

End Q2: Clonmore 1-6 K/C 0-3

End Q3: Clonmore 3-9 K/C 1-7

End Q4: Clonmore 5-12 K/C 1-9

TEAM: Francis Whelan (2-2), Sean Mulvany, Cormac Connolly, Sean Moran, Matt Cullen, Sean Deay, Rory Maguire, Luke Mullen, Luke Connolly, Tom Pollard(1-3), Josh Bowes (0-4), Jake Hickey, Keith Bowes, Dan Cashen, Cormac Malee (2-3). Subs:  Melvyn Kinch for Jake Hickey (Melvyn to goals, Francie to forwards).