Minor Match vs Na Piarsaigh

November 8, 2018

U-18 league Division 2 Round 1 Na Piarsaigh V Roche Emmets, Rock Road on the 7th April. Referee: Tony Dolan.

Roche 7-7 (4-4 H.T.) Na Piarsaigh 3-8 (1-3 H.T.)

This was a good exciting game played on a fine calm spring evening but the sodden pitch, after a few days heavy rain made good football difficult. But both teams served up a good exhibition of passing, carrying and scoring skills.

The home team opened the scoring in the first minute with a point but Roche replied with two points from Dermot Carthy and a goal from John Patrick Rafferty to make the score 1-2 to 0-1. Na Piarsaigh responded with a goal but Roche stepped up the pressure with two goals from Enda Murphy and Dermot Sloane. Then Murphy added another point before Carthy brought his tally to 1-1 with Roche’s fourth goal. Roche were on top with Na Piarsaigh adding only two points to their tally before the break. J.P Rafferty added a further point to make the half time score 4-4 to 1-3 in Roche’s favour.

Na Piarsaigh started the second half the strongest with 2-2 to make the score 4-4 to 3-5. With their play they should have been closer to Roche but for a number of misses from good opportunities. Dermot Carthy’s 2nd goal lifted Roche and they added a further point before Sloane and Patrick Quigley put them in control again with two goals. With Na Piarsaigh getting a point before Quigley’s major the score stood at 7-5 to 3-6 for Roche. Na Piarsaigh lifted themselves with two more points but Roche completed the scoring with two further points from Carthy and Murphy.

Final score Roche 7-7 Na Piarsaigh 3-8


Player Scored Tick if played well and position on team (see numbers be side players name)
1 Jamie O’Hare     safe hands and good kick outs
2 Niall Treanor   best defender
3 Kenneth Matthews   Stood up to a lot of pressure
4 Jamie Duffy   Worked hard
5 Ciaran Savage   stylish defender and cleared a lot of ball
6 Declan Wiseman   Stuck to his task
7 John Rafferty   Fed the attack with a lot of good ball
8 J.P. Rafferty 1-1 worked hard and supported attack well
9 Andrew Carroll   Got through a lot of defensive work
10 Enda Murphy 1-2 important scores and was always a threat
11 Patrick Quigley 1-0 created a lot of scores
12 David O’Connell   Was always involved
13 Dermot Carthy 2-3 √√ top scorer, impressive
14 Dermot Sloane 2-1 took his chances well
15 Barry McConnon   combined well to make a number of scores
Sub used Kevin Quigley    
Sub used John Hayden    
Sub used Pearce Goss