Monster Christmas Draw Results

November 8, 2018

            Naomh Olaf Christmas Draw Results


 1st Prize    Frank Hederman  c/o   Leah Murray

2nd Prize    Sabh                            c/o   Eoin O Shea                     

3rd prize     Paul Hughes                c/o   T Hughes                  

4th Prize     Mary Hayes                 c/o  M hayes                         

5th Prize    Fiachra Sheridan        c/o   Tommy Brown

6th Prize     Margaret Miley          c/o  Ronan miley

7th Prize     E J O Connor              c/o  S O Connor

8th Prize      Imelda                          c/o  Noeleen O Brien          

9th Prize      L Hughes                      c/o  T hughes           

10th Prize   John Begley                  c/o   Fran O Dwyer          

11th prize    Avilla Martin                c/o   Fin Martin

12th Prize   Pat Roberts                   c/o   Keith Noonan          

13th Prize   P & M Hughes              c/o  T Hughes

14th Prize   Peg Kearney                  c/o   Club          

15th Prize    K Haughton                   c/o   Robbie Ferrie            

Bar attendance Prize winners


1st Prize                  J & P Coleman

2nd Prize                 Sean Caughfield                     

3rd prize                  Phyllis Kilroy                  

4th Prize                  Paddy Keogh                         

5th Prize                  Louise Hughes

6th Prize                  Tom O Neill

7th Prize                  Mary Hughes

8th Prize                  Josie Brown          

9th Prize                  Des Noonan           

10th Prize                Pauline Coleman            

11th prize                Des Drury

12th Prize                Amanda Harston           

13th Prize                Aiden Carthy


Bonus Prize Winner of a Trip on the Stenna Line was Trish Farrelly