Moycullen are Intermediate Football Champions 2015

November 7, 2018

MOYCULLEN 1-10 V 0-9 ATHENRY FT – Intermediate County Final


2min – Dessie Connolly opens the scoring on the first attack for Moycullen

4min- The young Moycullen full forward Dessie Connolly adds his 2nd.

6min – Bright start for Moycullen who are running the show early, Peter Cooke adding a fine solo effort. 0-3 to 0-0

7min – Brian Faherty contiues the Moycullen flow Athenry yet to have a shot.

10min – Phillip Lydon taps over a free that was won by Sean Kelly.

13min – Cathal Fahy with a tap over free for a touch on the ground by the Moycullen defender and Athenry are off the mark 0-5 to 0-1.

15min – Yelllow card for Moycullen full back Matt Donoghue.

15min – Cathal Fahy with another straightforward free and Athenry are more in the game after a slow start.

23min – the quality of the game has taken a lull slightly. Athenry getting much more in the Moycullen faces but Dessie Connolly who has started well wins a free and Phillip Lydon converts. 0-6 to 0-2.

27min – the wind direction the opposite to the usual in Pearse Stadium, going towards the scoreboard end today, Moycullen have the wind advantage in the opening half

30min – Dessie Connolly very dangerous inside and adds his 3rd point of the day with a fisted effort, Moycullen lead by 5 in first half injury time.

HALF TIME Moycullen 0-7 Athenry 0-2. Moycullen by far the more accomplished footballing side and Athenry not converting their rare chances to stay in touch but they will have the wind advantage in the 2nd half


31min – beautifully struck free from Peter Cooke that he won himself and the perfect start to the 2nd half for Moycullen.

34min – GOAL Conor Bohan not happy to take a point bursts through the defence and a nice finish to the left of the goalkeeper. Huge task for Athenry now

36min – 2 points in a minute for Athenry, Conor Fahy with a 40meter free and Tom Flynn from play from distance they need to keep that rate up to get back into it.

39min – Conor Fahy with his fourth free of the day and that cancels out the goal now for Moycullen, 3 unanswered points.

46min – deliberate trip by Athenry’s John Grealish but no black card, just yellow, another case of “why bother?” with that particular rule.

49min – The first score in 10mins and its Cathal Fahy the man last to score who gets his first from play and 5th of the day. 1-8 to 0-6.

52min – Cathal Fahy’s long range free carries all the way over the bar and we are back to a 4 point game and no score for Moycullen since that goal. 1-8 to 0-7.

53min – David Wynn with a left footed free for Moycullen goes straight over to give them a badly needed score their first in 20mins. They lead by 5 with 5min remaining

56min – Athenry wing back Mark Healy with the point of the day and a brave fight by Athenry who may need a goal at this stage.

59min – 3mins additional time announced as referee James Molloy allows a heavy shoulder to the head on Conor Bohan go unpenalised in the ‘D’

60+1min – Peter Cooke finishes off a patient Moycullen move and that will probably be enough.

60+2min – Goal chance for Ryan Shaughnessy saved well by Seamus Friel

60+3min – Cathal Fahy’s goal shot goes over and back to 4 but no time left for a gallant Athenry

FULL TIME – 1-10 to 0-9. A good effort from Athenry in the 2nd half but Moycullen despite a shake period in the 2nd half win by 4 points and make up for last years final defeat against Killannin.

Conor Bohan with their goal giving them a vital cushion. Peter Cooke the GBFM man of the match after a good display in midfield and two from play and two from frees to his name.