Moydow Harpers Vs Grattan Og (Division 2)

November 7, 2018

Grattan Og 1-16                                Moydow Harpers 1-04

Playing into a strong breeze Moydow started brightly, winning the majority of possession in most areas of the pitch. The Harpers were working really hard in the opening period and turned over possession on numerous occasions against the intermediate side. However, the Harpers were unable to convert their supremacy into scores and kicked numerous wides, albeit against a difficult gale.

With limited possession, Grattan Og used the long ball constructively but the Harpers defence was resolute in most cases, limiting the home side to 4 scores in the first half.

Moydow eventually found their range and scored 1-03 over the course of the last 15 minutes of the half.


Half Time: Grattan Og 0-04           Moydow Harpers 1-03

The second half started with Grattan Og dominating possession and they immediately began to create scoring opportunities. It became a game of two halves, but unfortunately for the Harpers, Grattan Og had more ideas up front and ran relentlessly at the Moydow defence.

The game was put out of reach half way through the second half when the home side scored a penalty to put some distance between the sides. At this stage, Grattan Og introduced fresh legs around the pitch and ran out easy winners in the end.


Brendan Conway, Luke Costello, Gerard Farrell, John Keegan, Conor Keenan, Niall Keenan, Chad Costello, Karol Farrell, David Tiernan, Sean Farrell, Cathal Hilliard (0-01), Mark Quinn (0-03), Philip McDermott, Terry Bullett (1-00), Matthew Lee.

Sub: Gerard Slevin