Moydow Harpers Vs Killoe (Reserve League 3) - Match Report

November 7, 2018

Killoe 1-04 Moydow Harpers 0-18

In the third outing of the Reserve League Division 3, the Harpers were up against an undefeated Killoe side on their home turf. The Harpers had probably their strongest side out to date in this competition with an eager bench chomping at the bit to make an impact.

The Harpers started well winning good ball at midfield and snuffing out most of the Killoe forward line attacks. Dominating defence (with impressive performances from Tom Hobin, Chad Costello, Gerard Farrell, Matthew ‘Gooch’ Lee and Shane Connell) and midfield (with the Keenan double of Fergal and Niall), the Harpers took some time to convert their possession into scores. Following some broken down attacks and missed scoring chances, Killoe edged into the lead with an opportunist goal against the run of play. However, the Harpers regrouped and finished the first half strong with 3 unanswered points to leave the score: Killoe 1-02 to Moydow Harpers 0-05. Moydow were unlucky at this stage not to have a couple of goals, but excellent saves by the Killoe goalie kept the game on a knife-edge going into half-time.

Half-time: Killoe 1-02; Moydow Harpers 0-05

In the second half, the Harpers maintained their dominance of possession and eventually demonstrated confidence in front of goal with some superb scores particularly from the boot of Mark Quinn, our leading scorer.

At this stage, Harpers supremo Paddy Dowd along with selector Tommy Hawes, looked to the bench for further impact and unleashed a combined playing experience of 85 years through the introduction of Colin Clyne, Frank Doyle, Mel Gillen and Darren Madden. Youth wasn’t spared either with the introduction of Sean Farrell (back from injury).

With a good combination of youth and experience now on the field, the Harpers finished completely on top, dominating in every position.  In all, 7 players registered scores with Chad Costello showing how it’s done with a mazy run from the full back line to score his first point ever in a Moydow jersey.

Moydow Harpers: Brendan Conway, Tom Hobin, Chad Costello (0-01), Shane Connell, Gerard Farrell, Matthew ‘Gooch’ Lee, Fergal Keenan (0-01), Niall Keenan (0-02), Gerard Slevin (0-01), Mark Quinn (0-09), Luke Costello, John Doyle, Philip ‘The Bomber’ McDermott.

Subs: Sean Farrell for Shane Connell, Mel Gillen for Tom Hobin, Frank Doyle (0-02) for Philip McDermott, Colin Clyne (0-02), Darren Madden for Matthew Lee, Shane Connell for Luke Costello.