Moydow Harpers Vs Legan Sarsfields (Reserve League 3) - Match Report

November 7, 2018

Legan Sarsfields  1-05       Moydow Harpers  0-10

Moydow Harpers set out to win their 3rd game on the trot in Reserve League Division 3 against Legan Sarsfields in Flood Park on Saturday evening last. With Sky Sports executives in attendance, the pressure was on to deliver the goods and secure much anticipated revenue for the club.

In wet and slippery conditions, the Harpers started off brightest but for the second game in a row, took a while to gain composure in front of goal.

Legan eventually settled into the game and gained the lion’s share of possession for long periods in the first half. However, some excellent Harpers defending ensured Legan could not convert their dominance into scores. Particularly impressive in defence were Chad Costello, Matthew ‘Gooch’ Lee and Gerard Farrell with good support from midfielders Fergal and Niall Keenan.

Having withstood the Legan onslaught almost unblemished, the Harpers eventually hit a purple patch with a succession of points from Mark Quinn (4), Fergal Keenan and Darren Madden. At this stage, Moydow should have bagged a goal but a double save kept Legan in the game going into half time.

Half Time:            Legan Sarsfields   0-01       Moydow Harpers 0-06

The Harpers were slow out of the blocks on the restart and allowed Legan back into the game conceding a sloppy goal and 2 points after about 10 minutes.  At this stage, underfoot conditions were worsening and the focus changed to eliminating mistakes and maintaining composure.

Moydow Supremo Paddy Dowd, with insightful help from selector Tommy Hawes, decided to use his now established impact subs. Sean Farrell, Colin Clyne, Frank Doyle and Conor Keenan were unleashed onto the park. This settled the Harpers down and provided fresh legs and impetus.

With strong running from Darren Madden, Luke Costello, Fergal and Niall Keenan, Moydow put it up to Legan and pushed ahead with 2 unanswered points. From here until the finish, it was a ding dong battle with both teams trading points. Moydow finished strong with points from Philip ‘Bomber’ McDermott and a second from Fergal Keenan.

Moydow Harpers: Tom Hobin, Chad Costello, Mel Gillen, Shane Connell, Gerard Farrell, Matthew ‘Gooch’ Lee, Fergal Keenan (0-02), Niall Keenan (0-01), Gerard Slevin, Mark Quinn (0-04), Luke Costello, John Doyle, Darren Madden (0-02).

Subs: Sean Farrell for Shane Connell, Conor Keenan for Matthew Lee, Frank Twaddle for Tom Hobin, Frank Doyle for Gerard Slevin, Colin Clyne for John Doyle, Philip Bomber McDermott (0-01) for Gerard Farrell.

There is no doubt that the cheque will soon be in the post from Sky Sports.