New Club Games Secretary

November 8, 2018

The Club Executive have appointed Paul Lynch as the Club’s new games/fixtures secretary after Danny McCartan decided to stand down at last year’s agm. Danny has agreed however to keep our website fixtures and results sections updated and we thank him for this.

Team managers please text or phone Paul with results immediately after every game on 07872105836. Also contact Paul about any game changes requests for postphonement or for re-fixtures – don’t be ringing An Runái, he’s enough to do. Paul will also arrange match and training venue’s for all teams plus transport arrangements.

On this latter point the committee has decided that bus hire must be kept to an absolute minimum this year and can only be approved by the Club Executive. For most away games the club minibus plus a few cars should be sufficent and team mentors of juvenile teams are asked to encourage parents to help out with their cars.

Check out our Club Contacts section for all 2008 Club Officer and Executive members contact numbers. Other 2008 website updates, including team managers etc will be added over the next few days.