New Club Physio Appointed

November 8, 2018

The Club have appointed Gráinne Walsh BSc (HONS as its Offical Club Physio and special rates have been negotiated for injured players. Grainne is a fully qualified Graduate Sports Therapist with experience in treating injuries in a wide range of sports. Crainne is available to treat players at her clinic at Burrenbridge. Any player requiring treatment check out rules below.
If cleared for treatment players should contact Grainne on 07966089945

Physio treatment Team managers only can authorise physio treatment for any injury sustained by a player training or playing for Club.

It will then be the players responsibility to arrange appointment with Physio and to pay for treatment. Players can claim payment from the Club treasurer only upon producing receipt from the Physio and this will only be paid if the treatment was authorised by the team managers The Club will not pay for any unauthorised treatments or for any injuries sustained other than training or playing for the Club.