New Lotto Draw Structure

November 7, 2018

 St.Patrick’s Gaa Lotto committee have made changes to their Lotto draw structure which are designed to give you more chances to win and also to increase the Jackpot prize.

The main changes are:
The main Jackpot prize which currently stands at €3300  will now increase by €200 after each draw if not won instead of €150 which was the case. This will lead to higher Jackpot prizes.  Match 3 winners will continue to win or share €100.
A new 2nd chance lotto plus draw for €1000 will take place if there is no winner of the main Jackpot prize.This means if there is no main Jackpot prize winner on the night a second set of 4 numbers are drawn from the Lotto drum.  If you match the four numbers you win our lotto plus Jackpot of €1000 . 
We are also adding two extra numbers to our lotto drum giving you more choice in numbers to pick from. This means from now on you can pick any four numbers from 1 to 28.
The spin the wheel draw will also continue but will now only take place twice a year.  One draw at Xmas and a second draw at mid-summer.  From now on at each draw a lucky dip draw will select one contestant to go forward to the next spin the wheel draw.  However that contestant will now win €50 on the night if he or she does not get to spin the wheel. Of course one of the contestants will get to spin the wheel with a chance to win up to €1000.
The main objective of these changes is to have a higher main jackpot prize and to give you more chances to win .
These changes have only been possible thanks to the large number of people who play our lotto.
New tickets have been printed and are available in all shops and pubs and from all draw promoters.
We are very grateful to Paul O’ Halloran of  O’ Halloran Gala Shop, Drangan and also to Matt Murphy of Slievenamon meats, Drangan who have both sponsored the printing of our new tickets.
 O’ Halloran’s Gala is our local grocery store in Drangan as well as our post office.  Paul also is a licenced fire arms dealer and supplies a wide range of field sports equipment and accessories.
Slievenamon meats is a business set up by local man Matt murphy and his wife Margaret who supply fresh pork products , sausages, rashers and hams etc. to shops and butchers throughout munster.
We are very fortunate to have these local businesses in our parish and they deserve our support as so many rural communities are left without such services.
You can also now play our lotto online by clicking on play lotto  icon above. This has given  parishioners living away from home a chance to play and keep in touch with our parish. We also have a number of expats  playing our lotto from the UK and also from Australia.
Players will receive our fortnightly newsletter and we will do our best to keep you in touch with whats happening at home.
We encourage you if you are interested in receiving our newsletter to play our lotto online as it supports the continuation of this website.
And who knows it could be you to win one of our jackpots!