New Physio Arrangements now in place

November 8, 2018

Following a recent meeting with all adult team managers the Committee have agreed to set new rules regarding payment of physio treatment. We have had to do this because of the high rise in physio visits which is costing the club an excessive amount which cannot e recouped through our insurers. We hope these new rules will be adhered to by all
Players and we thank managers for their co-operation.

Players will be entitled to reimbursement from the Club only if the following procedures are followed:
1. Player should consult team manager and / or medical officer
with team;
2. Player should only go to physio with approval of those mentioned
at 1. above;
3. Player attending physio must pay physio and obtain a receipt;
4. Player must return to manager who authorised physio and get receipts signed by that manager / medical officer;
5. Only then may the player give physio receipts to the club
treasurer for reimbursement – unsigned receipts will not be reimbursed;
6. Further trips to physio must be agreed with physio and team manager, not just physio; and
7. For longer term injuries that may require more than one or two physio treatments
the player must fill in an injury form that can be downloaded from link below. These should be submitted to Liam Sloan (Club Insurance Officer) as this expenditure may be reclaimed. Physio bill can only be reclaimed by the Club on foot of an injury claim form.

It should also be noted that players with old injuries do not automatically qualify for unlimited treatment for an indefinite period (in some cases players are attending physio years after injury claim was settled) The same procedure as above applies for players with old injuries and in such cases payment will only be made by the club if this can be reimbursed through insurance.

In all cases physio treatment will only be paid to current members and will not include any treatments received prior to membership being paid.

Our Insurance Officer Liam Sloan will be taking care of all player injury claims.
Players and managers can contact Liam 02843778561 or email Liam Sloan

Any player authorised for injury treatment by his/her team manager should download a GAA PLAYER INJURY FORM

The following is required in respect of all claims regardless of claim type:

The claim form in particular sections A, E and F should be fully completed and signed by the injured member. The claim form together with all relevant supporting documentation should then be forwarded to the Club Designated Scheme Officer for their signature/validation.

All claims are required to be reported to Willis within 60 days of the incident by completing, as a minimum the 1st two pages of the claim form. Claims reported outside the 60 days will not be processed.

In addition to the claim form the following supporting documentation is required depending on claim type:

Medical /Dental claims:
Offical Medical receipts (invoices are not acceptable).
Under Section A of the claim form confirmation whether the injured member has any third party medical insurance must be completed to enable the claim to be assessed as the scheme only provides cover for non-recoverable costs up to the limits of the scheme.
In all cases, Section E must be completed and stamped by the attending Doctor/Dentist/Chartered Physiotherapist only. If no stamp is available a business card or confirmation on the qualified practitioners headed paper must be submitted.

Loss of Wages claims:
Three recent payslips dated prior to the injury or a letter from the injured member’s employer on company headed paper confirming the injured member’s basic nett pay(stating weekly or monthly). Ongoing Loss of Wages claims can only be considered upon receipt of Willis Continuation Claim form. Doctors Medical Certificates are not acceptable.
If self-employed, a letter from the injured member’s Accountant on company headed paper is required confirming the Nett basic earnings for the three months prior to the injury. In addition, if a substitute worker has been employed a letter from the Accountant on company headed paper confirming the cost is required. If Claimant is related to employer proof of wages must be supplied by the employer’s accountant.
In all cases, Section D, must be completed