November 8, 2018


Cumann Báire Peile is Camóguideachta

St. Finbarr’s Hurling, Football, Camogie Club Cabra

JUNE 2010

U-11 Camogie Team


Our under 11 Camogie team became the first team of 2010 to bring back honours to the club and the

Area. Managed by Emma Farrell, Olive Gilligan, and Thomas Gleason this team have been working

hard since under eights and it’s great to see the hard work pay off. The Team is, Aedin Ní Chuilinn

(Shandon Cresent), Hazel Temple (St Attracta Rd), Louise Curley (Ventry Park), Amber Leahy (Carnlough

Rd), Taylor MayWhelan (Killala Rd), Leah Murphy (Carnlough Rd), Kelly Gilligan (Inver Rd), Lauren Byrne

(Dowth Ave) Doineann Byrne (Glenbeigh Rd) Aine O Connor (Ashington Park) Tammy Sanders (Faussagh

Ave), Niamh O Hanlon (Rathoath Est), Grace Keogh (Annamoe Rd), Robyn Kinsella (Killala Rd), Chloe

Aherne (St Eithne Rd ), Katie Richardson (Drumcliff Drive).We have 22 teams and it would be impossible

to run them without the support of the local people and our social members who spend their money for their

community in the club. So as can be seen by this result your investment in your community is paying off,

Thank You.

Editorial . . .

With a lot of people, young and old out of work in the Cabra area, its time that the

local communities start getting together and try and organize some plan of action to

get some opportunities going for the local people out off work.Over the next three months

the club hopes to contact both State agency and local business to try and set up some

plan that can deliver a number of jobs for people in this Area. As a community we need to

act in a very positive way and use all our skills to deliver real jobs. As one of the leading

pillars in the community the club hopes to start this process in the next few months.

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Located in the heart of D7, at Doyles Corner, Phibsborough

We offer a 24 Hour Service with friendly, courteous drivers.


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“Not Like The Others”

Free Hospital Lifts after 10.00p.m. for Sick Children or Elderly People



Some of the Club Cab Drivers

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Our annual Road League and summer camp is taking place over the next number of weeks. The Road leagues start

on the 19th July which is football and the Hurling is starting on the 26th July.This is free of charge and is open to every

child in the Area at the age group.Our summer camps will run over three weeks which will have Dublin and other inter

county Stars attending. There will be plenty of fun and a few trips and presents involved. For details contact our

club Juvenile chairman Seamus Mc Grattan at 087 7848153 or our club coach and Dublin Player Eamon Fennell

at 087 0519535 or the club house reception at 8686209.


A new club updated web site has been launched.Twitter, Face book,YouTube and lots more can be got by logging in.

‘NaomhFionnbarra’.ie, is the clubs log in, lots of history, photographs, and social history of Cabra. The club wants to

thank Terry Carton, who started this project many years ago and Frank Hand who done years of work on his own and

did a great job in design and makeup of the site. To Dermot O’Shea who comes from a small village in South Kerry

and has done all the work on the updated site, the club wants to thank him very much. For a website to work it has to

have people use it so don’t say where is my photo or my team, if you have any content like photographs or teams leave

them at reception for Nicky Kehoe. The club has also included a Local folklore and history section of the Cabra area.

The Bradogue river has always been associated with the Cabra Area, yet a lot of the people living in Cabra would

scratch there head if you ask them about the

Bradogue. The Bradogue is a small river that flows

through Cabra and flows in to the Liffey at Ormond

Quay. Bradogue is an Irish word for ‘Young Salmon.’

It’s been here since time began. A friend of mine a

number of years ago gave me a map on the route the

river takes and where the river rises. I was surprised

at the route it took and I say a lot of Cabra people

today would be surprised as well. There are two

rising points. One part of the river rises in the

Boggies near our main pitch and runs down the back

of the houses on Fassaugh Ave. At a certain point it

turns across Dunmanus road onto Dingle road and

there is a meeting of the waters at the Junction of

Carnlough road and Drumcliffe road.The other part of

the river rises at Liffey Junction coming out at the first little Bannow and running down the left hand side of Carnlough

Road till it reaches the other part at Drumcliffe – Carnlough Junction. This is the Bradogue as the main river. It then

flows across the railway track right through the back of the club house across Quarry road, across Annaly Road

through Christ the King school, where there used to be a small pond in the middle of the yard. Across Offaly Road

and Leix Road through the Arch onto the Cabra Road and down Charleville Road through Grangegorman, coming

out at Broadstone down Constitution Hill into Bolton

Street and coming out into the Liffey at Ormond

Quay. Since 1930 most of the river was culvert from

Cabra to the Liffey. At times over the years there has

been flooding at certain parts of the roads that the

Bradogue flows over. I always wonder is it the

Bradogue over flowing. In earlier times the

Bradogue flowed into an area called the Pill which

was situated at the mouth of the river as it went into

the Liffey. This area was a deep pool where boats

moored in the early eight century. It was reclaimed

in the seventeen century at the request of Dublin

Corporation to a lease holder of the land name

Jervis who said that it took him four years with ten

cart loads of earth each day to fill it in.

Above picture taken by Liam Kane, May 2010, River Road,


Brent geese training in the Bogies, CabraWest, getting ready for

their Summer season in Ireland (pic by Liam Kane)

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Our Juvenile section caters for over three hundred and fifty children from the Cabra Area.With in this section there is our Camogie section

that caters for teams from nine years up to sixteen years old.The committee that oversees the running of this section is chairman Seamus

Mc Grattan, vice chair Thomas Gleason, secretary Teresa Travers, assistance sectary Catherine Kirby, Senior delegate Terry Mc Keogh,

Camogie Rep Barbara Kelly, Referee coordinator Lar Kelly.This committee meets every Tuesday to coordinate the team’s weekly activities.

It is one of the most important sections of the club as the children who join here are the clubs life blood of the future. The club has a code

of ethics for managers, Parents, and children and every manager is vetted by statutory agency in child protection.


Over the last number of years since 1998 our Tiny Tots section ‘Na Barra Og’ has been a great success. This is due to the ongoing work

done by a number of our members who have taken on this roll.Catherine Kirby, Barbara Cadbury, Steven Mooney, MartinaWhelan combine

together every Saturday morning to provide a service to new children and parents who want to join the club. The three to four year olds

meet at ten to eleven o’clock each Saturday morning at the clubs gym and AllWeather pitch.The five to six year olds meet at eleven o clock

at the same venue on Saturday morning.This is the first point of entry for new children and parents to our club.We encourage the Parents

to get involved in some aspect of the clubs activities which helps in the running of more activities for the children.


In the last two years in this age group there has been a shortage of

managers which has meant that children under 8 have had to train and

play with the under nines. This year one of our senior managers has

dropped back and for the next three years and he will be taking the

under eights teams for that time period. Nicky Kehoe with the help of

MickWard, Garreth Cadbury, Kevin Kehoe, and Darren O Reilly started

in January and have a team with 25 players. The team is made up of

Girls and boys and play football and hurling.They train everyWednesday

and play a match every Saturday. The aim of this team is all based on

getting the children to learn basic skills and rules of the games.

UNDER 9/10

The mentors of these teams are Christy Maher and Dermot Bolton. There are 25 players in total in the two squads and they train twice a

week. This team is working very hard on their skill levels and this is showing with some great displays in the early matches of the season.


Under the management of Kim Mc Keogh and Derek O Brian this team have produced some great performances all ready this season. A

lot of work from both the managers and players is been put in and good progress on all fronts by this squad.


Robert Abbot and Christy Shannon have been training this team for the last three years. They have won some great matches in the last

number of weeks in hurling and football.There is a strong core of players

here who will play senior hurling and football with the club in a number

of years.


Under the guidance of Wayne Dempsey and Steven Morgan this team

has gone from strength to strength. There level of skill and fitness has

really improved which is down to the work of their hard working mentors.

They are well in contention of winning leagues in both codes this year.


Over the last four years Jackie Mc Keogh and Fred Turner have been

working hard on this team to build skill, fitness, discipline, and pride in

the jersey and the club. In this years football ‘Faile’ they showed all these

qualities by getting to the final of the tournament two weeks ago in Parnell Park.With help from DesWard they produced some great results

which saw them loose the first game to our neighbours Eoghan Ruadha/Oliver Plunketts and then beating Na Fianna and Naomh Barrog

to go to the second phase as runners up. They had to travel to Bally to play the winners of the group Crumlin who they beat and with St

Olafs beaten Plunketts Fionnbarrs played Olafs in the final. Having finished level at full time Olafs beat the Barrs by a goal.We were really

very proud of them.

UNDER 15/16

It’s great to see young managers taking the rains of a team and learning the trade of management.Having taking this team which has gone

through rough times in terms of numbers and managers letting them down, It is great to see Naill Brady and Ciaran Kehoe putting the time

in to get this team moving on the right road. The players have responded brilliantly and the numbers are up to twenty and the training and

skill levels are really hitting the right note. To players and mentors keep it up; it’s what our club is all about.

Under 8 Team and Mentors

Under 13 Team and Mentors

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The Camogie section has been one of our back bone sections in our club. The amount of work and effort by all the mentors in this

section is really amazing.Week after week year after year they plough the furrow to produce teams of girls for the Camogie teams.

The number of teams is four.


Having been started by Olive Gilligan, this team is been manage by Johnnie Brown and Carmel Mitchell.There is twenty girls playing

and they play matches every week.


This team has great skill and is unbeaten in their league. Managed by Olive Gilligan, Emma Farrell and Thomas Gleason this team

has gone from strength to strength and are a great credit to the club.On Sunday the 30th of May this team won the league, great stuff.


A lot of great work put in by Barbara Kelly and Johnnie Brown which has seen

this team improving all the time.The numbers are good and the skill levels are

of a very high level.


Madlean Paget and Vincent Kehoe and Karl Homes have worked really hard

with this team.They are a great bunch of girls who never give up.Some of them

are on the adult senior team which is a great achievement for girls so young.


With Vincent Kehoe , Timmie Mulane, Madelean Paget and Karl Homes this team has not made progress in the last two years. The

management has put in a massive effort but the team has not responded well.The sad part is that this young squad if they really put

the work in they could win a championship.


Over the last three years this team has made great progress. In 2008 they were promoted to division one, 2009 they won the

Intermediate championship and got to the Junior Leinster final a first for the club. They have played six matches this year and have

been only beaten once. The Mentors are Joe Brady, Martin Costello, Joe Moran, Willy Mc Auly and Nicky Kehoe. They are coached

by Dave Fogarty.


This team has gone from strength to strength and is unbeaten in league and championship. Choco Murphy has taken over this team

with the help of Dave Fogerty.


Managed by Seamus Mc Grattan and Terry Carton this has giving all our adult hurlers a game each week. It shows the continue growth

of the club with adding extra teams every year.


Having dropped out of senior football two years ago a lot of great work has been done in the last two years to get us back up there.

This year the team is moving nicely and is in the fourth round of the championship and has been only beaten once in the league

with seven matches played. The mentors are Joe Lyons, Liam Keating, and Ray O Reilly and coached by P J Buckley.


With new manager Choco Murphy this team has worked hard in pre-season. For the first time in a number of years this team has

reached the fourth round of the championship.They are also doing well in the league.


Having had a lot of players coming through from our juvenile ranks we had to put in another football team. Niall Brady and Fran Kelly

have taking on the management job and every player is getting a game every week.


This team has a squad of 25 players and are managed by Seamus McGrattan, Johnny Smithers (sn), and Anto Mc Givery (sn).They

are at this moment in the running for the Football League and Hurling League. They are a team that is working very hard at

their game and fitness. A number of them have all ready made it on to the senior squad.


Under 14 Team and Mentors

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Since late January the leagues have started back.

Every week since then Finnbarrs have been fielding

22 teams every week from senior to Juvenile. At adult

level after eight weeks preparation all the six teams are

doing well in there respective leagues and

championships. The Senior hurlers our first hurling team

have played four league match’s winning two, drawing

one and losing one.They have played two championship

match’s winning one and drawing the second one. They

should be well placed to achieve silverware this year.The

Inter team our first football team have had a great start to

the league and championship which is a knockout after

six match’s they are on top of the league and have gone

through three rounds of the championship.The other two

football teams are in the top four of their leagues and have

gone to the third round of the championship only to lose

out in two very tight games to St Brigid’s and Stars of Erin.

The hurling championship is run on a league bases and

after two matches both teams are unbeaten. The senior

Camogie team is half way up there table with five

matches played and have not played championship yet.

Our under eighteen teams are in second spot in both

leagues and have championship to come in August. Our

under sixteen’s are having a great season so far in both

hurling and football with a great effort been put in by

players and mentors. They are second in their leagues

and have had good runs in the championship. Our under

fourteens and thirteen’s are wining their leagues and our

twelve’s and elevens are all chasing leagues at this

moment. Our other teams play in the Go Games format

which is based on the children learning the skills and

discipline of the games and is all about the children

enjoying themselves. Our Camogie Juvenile teams are

going strong with under nines playing friendly’s every

week, the under elevens won their league with their last

match on the 30th of May to win the league, the under

fourteens are in the running for their league and the

battling sixteen’s are in the shake up of their league. Our

Tiny Tots number is around 80 children and this section is

always open for new members on Saturdays in the club


Pitch and School Update

There have been a number of meetings between the

club and government officials concerning the clubs

attempt to get their own pitch in the Cabra Area.There are

a number of possibility’s been discussed which depends

on a number of factors. The committee is working very

hard to solve these issues.This will be a slow process and

we hope that before the clubs seventieth anniversary in

five years time that the pitch will become a reality.There is

on going discussion on permanent buildings for the

Gaelscoil which are going in the right direction and all

pressure needs to be kept on to bring the issue to a

success.The club and the Gaelscoil are fully united in the

aim of the permanent school even though there was an

attempt to divide the club from the school on this issue by

certain people.With every one working to gather the goal

can be achieved and will be achieved.


Since January the club has run a number of socials and fundraisers

which help to keep the club going. In April there was the club Easter

draw with four hundred tickets sold.Martin Costello, Terry Mac Keogh John

Byrne, Nicky Kehoe and Jackie Mac Keogh, were all involved in the work

on this raffle.The clubs annual golf outing classic and fundraiser was held

in May for the Donal Massey memorial cup. This was the second year of

the running of this event. The committee of Dave Farrell, John Smithers

(jg), Shay Cunanhan, Karl O Hara, Ciaran Curley ran a great day and

social function that night in the club house. 20 teams took part in the Golf

tournament in Royal Tara golf club in Co. Meath with a number of local

clubs taking part. St Brigid’s, St Oliver Plunketts / Eoghan Rudha, St.

Monica’s, all put teams into the classic. A very competitive competition

took place which was run to a very high standard by the organizers. St.

Oliver Plunketts won the competition and the Donal Massey cup was

presented by club coach and Dublin player, Eamon Fennell. A great social

was held with over 150 people dancing the night away. A special thanks

to the women who ran the raffle on the night which was very successful.

The club committee wants to thank all the sponsors and all the people

who worked voluntary on the day for the club. The sponsors were

Ethersons Butchers, Brandon O Carroll, John Fox, Club Cabs, Kenilworth

Motors, Bar Staff Club, Cabra Credit Union, Coca Cola, Custom Crew,

Thomas Synnott, Christ Singh, Pat Meagher, and Impact Trade Union.

On the 28th of May the club put a golf team made up of Davie Farrell,

Shay Cunanhan, Chew Curley, Parkey Cullen, into the ‘Friends Of Dublin

Hurling ‘golf classic. The team done themselves and the club and area

proud by winning the tournament which had over 30 club teams from the

city competing. The committee is all ready getting ready for next years

event, so let’s support them and your club. In the next three months there

is a number of fundraisers that the club is running. In Festival Week the

family night out to Harold Cross which has been a great success is being

held.The committee of John Byrne, MartinaWhelan, Darren Gaffney, and

Gerry Kehoe are working hard to get sponsorship and people to go on the

night. Last year this event got great support from local business and club

supporters. Darren Gaffney has done great work in getting sponsorship

for this event. A 200 ticket draw for the August bank holiday is gone on

sale and you can play our lotto every week by going online or getting

tickets in the club house. Our week long festival week will take place on

August 14th and we are asking all the residents of Cabra to put out some

sort of flags or buntings to mark the week. The weekly indoor bowls

activities takes place every day in the club gym and new members are

always welcome. It keeps you active and meets new friends. Paul O

Farrell our local Area Development officer is doing great work with all age

groups in the area. Working from his office in the club house he has

organized community events every day, on all type of subjects and

activities. Every one is welcome to these events so keep an eye out for his

notice board for events time table. In the next month our under 16s are

going camping to the mountains and our minors are raising money to take

an over seas trip by the end of the year. Our 65th Anniversary of the club

took place in the crown plaza Blanchardstown in April. Over 200 club

members and players had a great night. It was a dress night and all the

style of the day was on show. The championship winning team and

Leinster finalists were presented with their medals. The committee did a

great job of laying out and decorating the function room with special video

film of the club over the years.Here is a list of the trophies given out: Senior

Hurler of the year, Gary McAuley, Inter Football of the year Gerard O Reilly,

Junior Football of the year Keith Murphy, Junior Hurler of the year Keith

Byrne, Camogie player of the year Rachel Costello, Club person of the

year Jackie McKeogh.

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On the 31st of May the City council through the local Community Development Officer Paul O Farrell

organized the ‘Lets Walk & Talk’ WITH Historian Pat Liddy on Cabra an ‘Ancient Moorlands of

Dublin’. Over 60 people took part in the walk which was a great success. The Order of Malta meets

every Saturday and does their basic training in the club gym every week. There are a number of gym

classes for women held every week contact club reception. Irish dancing classes are held every

Monday in the Juvenile room, every one welcome. Wedding Reception, 21 birthday parties, all age

parties (Over 21), Christenings, Room hire, etc (subject to conditions and availability).The circus was

in the club in January and has another few dates booked during the year. The local alzheimers group

had a fundraiser in early May. Life long screening a private company used the club as a centre for

local people to have a medical check in April which was attended by a lot of local people. The Anti Bin

Charge group had a public meeting in February and the local Historical group had a open day in May.

The Cros Rí Bowls group had their Open Day which went very well and again anybody with time on

their hands why not come down and join. Irish music classes will start in September in the club house.

A small fee will be collected for the teacher and may be left in the Collection boxes. Details can be got

at gym reception at 8686209.


There are a lot of Irish speakers in the Cabra area and surrounds.Since the Irish school has been established

this has increased dramatically, due to the great work done by the teachers and a number of Gaelgóirí in

the area. The foundations are being created to establish a real Irish speaking community in the city of Dublin

that can survive and prosper in this fast changing world.The argument from a number of people, some genuine,

others who are anti Irish language; is that in a modern world that is predominantly English speaking what use

is learning Irish going to do for my son or daughter? A number of weeks ago a very eminent Professor from a

well known college was on the state radio giving out that a billion Euro could be saved if we got rid of our own

native tongue. Being myself, I looked at all sides of the argument, and I said maybe he is right. All the work that

has gone into the Irish language over the last hundred years or more; and still the majority of Irish people can

not have an every day conversation in their own language. I look at myself and say, “sure you are the same even

though I really love the Irish.” I have tried to master it on many occasions and do have a good grasp at times,

but to maintain a conversation over one minute is like running a marathon.Yet the yearning is there for me to

learn and I know that there is a massive amount of local people like me. Listening to the young people talking,

or to a program on telly or radio of which Irish is the median, is a joy to behold. Many people have traveled

around the world in the last fifteen years and no matter who you are when you hear the Irish being spoken it

raises the heart, even if it is the Turkish waiter that is serving you who can speak it.Getting back to the Professor,

the brain got thinking about what he had said and I said to myself, “he didn’t say any thing about the billons

poured into the banks, or what use is French unless you’re living there or what use is teaching economics

when most of the economic advisers (with the exception of a few) who probably came through his college gave

the advice that has us in the economic hole which we are in?” We might save a billon if we cut all the professor’s

wages.The GaelScoil are the best thing to happen to the Irish In a hundred years.They can be used as a spring

board to increase the use of the Irish in areas that have no history of using it. In Cabra over the last 14 years

the GaelScoil has gone from strength to strength. There are 240 families in the area with children going to the

school. I feel myself that there is a great opportunity to engage the wider community of Cabra in the use of Irish.

This has to be done both to help the children who are learning it and to promote the language in the area.The

Irish language is a living identity that cannot be put in sections or confined to certain locations or classes nor

turned on and off like light bulbs at certain times. Bring it out into the community with classes and Irish speaking

areas and have plenty of times to have Rí Rá among the young and old alike. T na G is the best station ever

and that’s only my opinion. There is a opportunity now to sow the seed on the land that has been ploughed, if

the seed is not planted in the wider community maybe the professor will get his chance and see the language

go down the tubes. Let’s prove the professor wrong in this area. Use Irish whenever you can.

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Over the last six months a number of people have donated medals that they have won over the years

to be housed in the clubs trophy cabinets in the club house. The club wants to thank them for this

great jester.The club has got the medals set out on decorated plaques with a picture of each of the medal

owner on it. Shay O Donnell of Ventry Park played for the school and club in the fifties. Shay won two

school medals in hurling in 1949 and football in 1950. Davie Vavosoure donated his three junior medals

to the club a number of years ago. He won them for hurling and football in the early fifties. Sadly Davie is

no longer with us but his memory lives on in the club. Jim Cullen a life long member and player has

donated all of his collection of medals and trophies. Jimmy started playing as a juvenile in 1960 and only

finished playing a number of years ago at the age of 60. Jimmy has won six championship medals two

senior hurling leagues and has got numerous player of the year off the club. Seamus Burke is a man in

his eighties. He lives in Arbour Hill. He drinks in the club and is a well know supporter of hurling. Seamus

father was from Bruff in Co Limerick and he moved to Dublin In 1912. He played for a club name

‘Rapperees’ who played in the Dublin League at that time. Seamus father won Dublin Senior league

medals in 1913, 14, 15. Seamus has kindly donated his father’s medals to the club.


Over the next three months Eamon will be running summer camps and days out

for our juvenile section.Over the years these camps have been a great success

and they are run some times at a loss so that the children have a good week. This

year there is a change of format for the camps which we hope will improve them.You

will have to book to find out what is on offer.Over the next few weeks Eamon will be

putting out the program and entry form which will be limited in numbers. Eamon has

been working hard in the local schools and with the club teams since January.

Eamon and the club have been pushing the local schools to put teams in to the Bun

School competition every year.Two schools of the six local schools have put teams

in and have had good success and we hope again to ask the principles of the schools to put teams in from

every school in Cabra this October. The club will help in every way with the teams.We would like to wish

Eamonn and the Dublin footballers all the best for the year and hopefully Sam will be sitting in the club house

on the last week of September.


Eamon ’Troller’Dillon from Kilkernan Road is the Dublin Minor Hurling Goalkeeper for 2010.He has already

played against Killkenny and Carlow in the Leinster Championship and the team is in the Leinster

semifinal. Eamon has been on the Dublin development teams since he was under 14 and hopefully he will

get to wear the sky blue in an All Ireland this year. Eamon is also playing senior hurling with the club were

he is in great form having scored 2-5 against Erin Isle in the last match. Josh Turner has also represented

the club in the Dublin colours this year playing in the Forrestal Cup under14 competition. Rachel Costello is

in her second year of playing senior for the Dublin Camogie team.Daughter of a former Dublin player Gossie

who played Senior hurling in 1991 who’s father Gossie senior played for the great St Brendan’s soccer team

of 1958 who won Bradmola Cup which later became the Glen Abbey Cup. Shannon Gilligan is playing on the

Dublin under 14 team and doing very well. Bradley Owens is on the Dublin football under17 development

squad and has moved up to the clubs inter football team. Adam Milne has made it on the Dublin Under 12

football team and Wayne Losty, Lee Cooney, and Sean Tobin have been asked out for trails for the Dublin

Under 15 football team.

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