November 8, 2018

County Junior League Final Division One Rathmore 4-10 Listowel 0-07

Rathmore 4-10 Listowel Emmets 0-07
Rathmore captured the Division One Junior League title with a convincing win over Listowel in Farranfore on Friday night. The opening stages of this game were tight and Listowel opened the scoring in the 5th minute through a free. Rathmore levelled in the 6th minute with a free from Jerry Murphy. Listowel doubled their tally with another free in the 10th minute. Then Rathmore goaled in the 11th minute thanks to Patrick Reen, Listowel replied in the 12th minute with another point leaving the score Rathmore 1-01 Listowel 0-03. A Paul Reen point in the 15th minute pushed Rathmore further ahead but the Emmets replied with a point in the 18th minute to leave the minimum between the sides. In the last 10 minutes of the half Rathmore stepped up the tempo and made it show on the scoreboard. Firstly a Jerry Murphy free in the 22nd minute started the scoring spree, and then Paul Reen pointed in the 24th minute. In the 25th minute midfielder Daniel O’ Sullivan powered through the centre to goal and in the 28th minute Patrick Reen goaled again to leave Rathmore nine points ahead. In the closing minute Listowel tried to lift the siege from their defence when they set up a goal chance of their own but they were denied by great goal keeping by Denis Reen as he turned the ball around the post for a 45. Listowel scored the 45 to finish the scoring for the half. Halftime score Rathmore 3-04 Listowel 0-05.
Rathmore scored a point in the opening seconds of the second half thanks to Conor O’ Sullivan. A great point by Michael D Cahill in the 4th minute pushed Rathmore further ahead. Listowel registered another point through a free in the 13th minute. Jerry Murphy scored a brace of points in the 18th and 20th minute to add to Rathmore’s tally. In the 22nd minute Conor O’ Sullivan scored another point and in the 26th minute Listowel notched on a point. In the closing minutes Rathmore’s substitutes put a gloss on the victory as Michael A Kelleher rattled the Listowel net for the forth time in the 28th minute, and Mark Kelleher pointed in the 29th minute to finish the scoring for the night. The cup was presented to Rathmore captain Mark Nagle after the game.
Rathmore team and scorers: Denis Reen, Dan O’ Sullivan, Owen Doherty, Michael Fitzgerald, Michael O’ Sullivan, Mark Nagle, Philip Kelly, Tim Cronin, Daniel O’ Sullivan (1-00), Conor O’ Sullivan (0-02), Michael D Cahill (0-01), Donal Casey, Patrick Reen (2-00), Jerry Murphy (0-04), Paul Reen (0-02). Subs: John Hickey for Michael Fitzgerald (injured), Shane O’ Keeffe for Jerry Murphy, Mark Kelleher (0-01) for Conor O’ Sullivan, Michael A Kelleher (1-00) for Patrick Reen, Donal Lehane for Donal Casey.

Under 14s
Details of the Rathmore Under 14 “Donal Casey” Invitational Tournament were released last week.   The participants are: Rathmore, Gneeveguilla, Glenflesk, Spa, Kilcummin, Knocknagree, Cullen, Millstreet, Boherbue and Dromtariffe. The following draw was made: Preliminary Round (A) Rathmore v Knocknagree
                                           (B) Cullen v Gneeveguilla

1 Spa v Millstreet,  2 A v Boherbue,  3 B v Kilcummin,  4 Dromtariffe v Glenflesk

Semi Finals 1 v 2  & 3 v 4

The tournament is to be started by the end of August.