Offaly Honour Officers and Clubs in 125 Celebrations

November 8, 2018

Entertainment on the evening was provided by the Clara All-Ireland Scór winning ballad group. Presentations were made to all living Officers and former Officers of Offaly County Board. Also each club in the county was presented with a plaque in recognition of their contribution to GAA in the county.

In addressing the gathering County Board Chairperson Pat Teehan said that the occasion was about Offaly GAA paying a symbolic recognition of the celebration of 125 years of Cumann Luthcleas Gael.

He went on to add that those accepting the certificates were doing so not only on their own behalf but on behalf of the many Officers who have passed to their eternal reward. He acknowledged recipients were just a very small representative sample of the greater body of people, the volunteers who week in week out keep our Association alive and vibrant, saying that there were many volunteers out there that would be very much worthy of individual acknowledgement. However, he stressed that the people present have and in many cases still continue to serve the Association in a voluntary capacity every day of the week and thanked them most sincerely for that. He asked that those accepting certificates would do so not just on their own behalf but as a representative of the many thousands of volunteers past and present who have contributed to the affairs of GAA in this county.

Similarly he reminder clubs that their presentation was merely a recognition of the role the club has played in GAA in this county, and he urged each club to display their plaque in a prominent place at their club grounds thereby acknowledging the role the club and their volunteers have played in enabling the GAA become the greatest amateur sporting organisation in the world.

Padraig Boland acted as M.C. for the night and the club plaques were presented by County Chairperson Pat Teehan and Coiste na nÓg Chairperson Joe Higgins, while Pat Teehan and Offaly GAA President Brendan Ward presented the certificates.

The full list of those honoured is

Noel Kelly

Coaching Officer 2004 -05

Aidan Burke

Coaching Officer 2003

Eamonn Cusack

Coaching Officer 2006 to 07 Youth Officer 2008-09

Pat Leogue

Football Officer 1987 to 92

Christy Hand

Football Officer 1993 to 97  Coaching Officer 2001 – 02

Mary Dunne

Coaching Officer 2008 to 09

Ronnie Bryant

Irish Officer 1991 – Hurling Officer 1992 to 94

Damien Fox 

Hurling Officer 1995

Declan Hanniffy

Hurling Officer  1985 to 88

Gerry Kirwan

Hurling Officer 1984

Brian Lyons

Hurling Officer  1982-83 Development Officer 1985

Mick Spain Drumcullen

Hurling Officer 1979 to 1981

Kevin Corrigan

Officer of Irish Language & Culture 2004

Jim Buckley

Officer of Irish Language & Culture 1992 to 03

Assistant Sec  2003

Tony Mulvin

Officer of Irish Language & Culture 1987

Gerry Hickey

Officer of Irish Language & Culture 1982 to 86

Stephen Darby

Officer of Irish Language & Culture 1979 to 81

Youth Officer 1978

Paddy Scales

Officer of Irish Language & Culture 2005 to 09

Ger Fogarty

Youth Officer  1979 to 81

Tony Cassidy

Youth Officer 1982 to 90 and 2002 too 2003

Coiste na nÓg Chairperson 1991-92, 95 to 99 and 2003 to 04

Laz Molloy

Youth Officer 2004 to 07


Ger Reidy

Development Officer 1984

Finbarr Spain

Development Officer  1986 to 88

Michael N Byrne

Development Officer 1989 to 2007

P.R.O. 1987

Maureen Kincaid

Development Officer  2008 to 2009

Br Denis

Leinster Council Delegate 1985 to 93

Chairperson Coiste na nÓg 1974 to 82

Pat Horan

Chairperson Coiste na nÓg 1993 to 94

Hurling Officer 1996 to 97

Fergal McKeown

Chairperson Coiste na nÓg 2005 to 08

Martin Heffernan

Coiste na nÓg Rep 2002

Joe Higgins

Chairperson Coiste na nÓg 2009

Mick Spain (K/K)

Leinster Council Delegate 1977 to 78

Central Council Delegate 1981 to 84 and 1988 to 2006

Joe O’Brien

Central Council Delegate 2009

Eugene Mulligan

P.R.O.  1981 to 82 and Leinster Council Delegate 1976

Christy Horan

P.R.O. 1983 and Youth Officer 1976 to 77

Seamus Kenny

P.R.O. 1984

Padraig Moran

P.R.O. 1989 to 90

Sean Farrell

Assistant P.R.O. 1986

Evelyn Currams

Assistant P.R.O. 1984 to 85

Brendan Minnock

P.R.O. 2008 to 09

Jimmy Hanlon

Assistant Secretary 1975 to 1977

Vice Chairperson 1974

Tony Murphy

Assistant Secretary 1978 to 88 and 1992 to 01

Michael Nestor

Assistant Secretary 1991

Martin Minnock

Assistant Secretary 1991 to 2002

Eamonn Flynn

Leinster Council Delegate 2006 to 09

Tom Doolan

Vice Chairperson 1975 to 81

Noel McCann

Vice Chairperson 1982 to 84 and 1989 to 91

P.R.O. 1985 to 86 and 1988 to 91

Jimmy Daly

Vice Chairperson 1985 to 2002

Brendan Byrne

Vice Chairperson 1992 to 2001

Mick Murphy

Vice Chairperson 2002 to 04

Padraig Boland

Vice Chairperson 2008 to 09

P.R.O. 2005 to 07

Michael Sheridan

Treasurer 1981 to 92

Jimmy Hogan

Treasurer 1985 to 2009  Leinster Council Delegate 2000 to 05

Andy Gallagher

Treasurer 1993 to 2009

Assistant Sec 1974

Leinster Council Delegate 1979

Br Sylvester

Secretary 1988 to 90

Assistant Sec 1978 to 87

Youth Officer 1991 to 2001

Christy Todd

Secretary 1991 to 07

Assistant Sec 1988 to 90

Football Officer 1984 to 86

Central Council Delegate 2007 to 08

Martin Boland

Assistant Sec 2003 to 07

Secretary 2008 to 09

Alo Kelly

Chairperson 1974

Leinster Council Delegate 1974 to 76

Monsignor Sean Heaney

Chairperson 1975 to 84

Paudge Mulhare

Chairperson 1985 to 88

Vice Chairperson 1982 to 84

Brendan Ward

Chairperson 1989 to 2002

Vice Chairperson 1985 to 88

Tommy Byrne

Chairperson 2003 to 04

Assistant Sec 2002 and 2008 to 09

Ollie Daly

Chairperson 2005 to 07

Vice Chairperson 2003 to 04

Pat Teehan

Chairperson 2008 to 09

Vice Chairperson 2005 to 07

Chairperson Coiste na nÓg 2000 to 02

P.R.O. 1992 to 2004