Parish Field Drangan

November 7, 2018

The new safety fence erected in the Parish Field, Drangan.

The Parish field in Drangan becomes a hive of excitement every Wednesday evening when up to eighty children under the age of 10 attend for Gaelic football coaching. The children are divided into six groups Under 6, Under 8 and Under 10 for both boys and girls. Each group then has at least two coaches who set out training drills and mini games appropriate for their group. These Wednesday evening sessions have been a wonderful success and are really enjoyed by all who partake.

However one serious concern for organisers and parents is the danger of young children running in the car parking area or worse again running out on the Newline road where traffic passes at such a high speed. The matter was discussed at length at a recent Juvenile committee meeting and a number of measures were proposed to reduce the risks.

Firstly a new safety fence has been erected behind the goal at the road end. The purpose of this fence is to prevent children from running straight of the field into the parking area and out onto the road. We would ask parents to collect their children at the end of this fence when the training session is over. We would also ask that younger children who are not involved with training also play inside this fence where it‘s safe to do so.

Secondly we hope to improve and organise the parking area better so as all cars can park in the field. Cars parked on the road provide the greatest risk of an accident as children then must cross the road.

Finally we ask parents to be careful when driving in and out of the field and also to supervise their children going and coming in the carpark area.

In the interest of everyone’s safety please be vigilant ..