Pitch Maintenance and Improvement Works

November 7, 2018

We had major work done with our main pitch this weekend. This consisted of verti-draining our pitch which is a process whereby the ground is spiked by specialist machinery in order to improve drainage of surface water to the series of underground drainage pipes which were installed a few years back.
The entire pitch was spiked and then coated with specialist high quality sand to ensure the drainage holes remain open and a direct route for rain water is supplied to the drainage pipes. This should vastly improve our main pitch and ensure it has the best possible chance of recovery from heavy rainfall.
Funds raised directly from the online lotto went towards this work and is a great example of how our online lotto goes directly towards the improvement and maintenance of our facilities. That being said we need to improve further our facilities and can only do so with much needed funds generated by our weekly lotto in conjunction with other fund raising activities such as our ‘Know Your Score’ competition.
If you haven’t entered our Know Your Score competition yet please do so via the link below and see how much you know about our club hurling scene in the county.
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Mullagh GAA Committee