Pitch update

November 8, 2018

Dear Member,

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to bring you up to date on the current status of our all weather pitch development.

In November 2006 Naomh Olaf applied for planning permission to develop an all weather GAA pitch and a 606 seat spectator stand with floodlighting on the Juvenile pitch (De La Salle land) adjacent to our clubhouse. Planning permission was granted by DLRCoCo in May 2007.

During discussions between DLRCoCo and the De La Salle order on lands adjacent to the pitches, being the subject of a CPO for road infrastructure, DLRCoCo advised the order of their desire to purchase all lands south of the LUAS line, i.e. the pitches owned by the De La Salle Order which Naomh Olaf have had the benefit of using since the club was founded. In December 2007, resulting from the DLRCoCo approach and subsequent legal advice the De La Salle Order put the proposed all weather development on hold.

In January 2008, Naomh Olaf wrote to the County Manager and subsequently met with DLRCoCo. The council confirmed their interest in purchasing the land to develop a public park. They refused to give any guarantees that playing pitches for Naomh Olaf would be included in their development proposal.

We have met with the Provincial of the De La Salle Order, who has confirmed that they have no interest in selling the land at present without guarantees on pitches and assured us that Naomh Olaf will be party to any discussions in respect of the future of the land.

In parallel a meeting between the Dublin Co. Board’s Strategic Programme Manager and the DLRCoCo County Manager, Owen Keegan, is being held on 27th June. GAA Director General, Padraic Duffy and GAA President, Nicky Brennan will be in attendance. The above issue will be on the agenda and a representative from the Naomh Olaf Development Committee will be at this meeting.

Furthermore, meetings are being organised with local Councillors and Politicians to appraise them of the issue and garner their support.

I will keep you updated of events as they develop.


Paul Sullivan

11 June 2008.