Player Focus #11

November 8, 2018


Stephen Guing.

Date of Birth?



6ft 1in



Notable Sporting Achievements?

Minor & U16 championships, Leinster ‘A’ colleges, Intermediate Championship.

Toughest Opponent?

Ciaran McManus.

Favourite Grounds?

Dr Cullen Park and O’Moore Park.


Sport in general, few quite ones, the marriot.

Favourite Position?


Influences On Your Career?

Watching Edenderry in 2001 and the 90’s

The High Point Of Your Career To Date?

Minor title, and winning Leinster schools and playing in an All-Ireland.

Biggest Disappointment?

Losing the All-Ireland, and Offaly county board in general.

Players With A Promising Future?

Dan Nolan (beast) and Shane Cronin.

Ways Of Improving The Game?

It wouldn’t be GAA if they changed it! But 2pts for score outside 40yrds sounds good.

Dislikes About The GAA?

Referees trying to keep the losing team in the game.

Do You Have Any Relatives Involved In Gaelic Games?

Yes, a few.

Person You Would Most Like To Meet?

Pat McGovern… (ref in All-Ireland final)

Favourite Personal Saying Or Term Of Abuse?

‘Ah sher ya’ll have that.’

Favourite Music?

Kings of Leon, U2, Kasabien.

Favourite Film?


Ideal Date?

Close draw between Megan Fox and Robbie Glennon’s girlfriend!!!

Funniest Team Mate?

Ah, there’s a fair few, Connell, Robbie, Dick.

Hardest / Toughest Team Mate?

Silly question.

Best Goal Ever Seen Scored?

Eoin Mulligan vs. Dublin.

If You Could Buy One Player To Play For Edenderry, Who Would It Be?

Ciaran Donaghy.

Best / Most Talented Player You Ever Played With?

Paul Cribben / Anton Sullivan.

What Would You Like To Achieve From The Game?

I’d like to play Offaly U21, and win a Senior championship.

Best/Favourite Manager You’ve Ever Had?

School management and minor management 07/08, but they were both winning teams so it’s hard to say who was the best.

Next Friday, September 25th, our Player Focus will continue with Edenderry Footballer Colin McNamara.