Player Focus #12

November 8, 2018


Colin McNamara

Date of Birth?

16th Feb 1981


5ft 11.5ins


14 stone

Notable Sporting Achievements?

3 U12 county medals, 2 U14, 1 U16, 1 U21, 1 Intermediate, 1 Senior, 1 National League Div 2 medal.

Toughest Opponent?

The little man inside my head.

Favourite Grounds?

O’Connor Park


Badminton, soccer, watchin any sport except horse racing.

Favourite Position?

Anywhere but in goals

Favourite Players?

Dara O’Se, Brian Dooher, Adrian Murphy.

Boyhood Hereos?

Finbarr Cullen, Peter Brady, Kevin Guing and everyone involved in 97.

Influences On Your Career?

Jimmy Dolan has been involved with teams I have played with from U12 to Senior, and has been a big influence on me.

Highpoint Of Your Career To Date?

Being selected to play for Offaly.

Biggest Disappointment?

Being relegated to intermediate in 2006 was very depressing.

Sporting Ambition?

Start winning championships again with Edenderry.

Players With A Promising Future?

Stephen Guing, Dan Moloney, Mark Young, Conor O’Donoghue we have a good bunch of young lads on the senior panel now and future looks bright with Conor Farrell, Martin Keogh Jr, Peter McNamara, Cian Farrell and Jamie Dolan all very promising young lads

Ways Of Improving The Game?

More assessment of referees because the standard of refereeing in Offaly is really disgraceful.

Dislikes About The GAA?

Poor refereeing and abusive supporters just because you pay a fiver at the gate does not give you licence to verbally abuse players this is a big problem at the moment. Also lazy lads that only half do the training and stop to tie their laces when it starts to a bit tough and then go for a rub.

Do You Have Any Relatives Involved In GAA?

All my brothers have played for Edenderry and won medals at different levels Kenneth is still playing and Peter is the next football and hurling star for the reds. Shane Connell and Brian Quinlan are also cousins of mine.

Best Game Seen?

County final in 1999 it had everything, Tony saving the penalty, Basil’s point at the end, Rhode beaten brilliant!

Best Game Played In?

U14 county semi final against Tullamore what a game, two lads from Tullamore boxed the head off me until Robbie Glennon came in with a flying kick and took them both out with a double kick to the face (I didn’t really need his help i could sense the two boys were getting tired beating me and just about to unleash the fury). The fight stopped when the guards came onto the field. I scored 1-5 playing centre forward, the game ended a draw and we won the replay. Savage!

Best Goal Ever Seen Scored?

We were playing Clonbullogue in the U14 championship in a group game in Edenderry, I ran up the line with the ball and kicked it low across the square where David Sullivan was running in he then dived from the 14 yard line and headed the ball into the corner of the net. I would have killed him if he missed but it was a great finish.

Funniest Team Mate?

Ridiculous Mahon (although most of the time he isn’t trying to be funny he just comes out with some crazy s**t)

Hardest / Toughest Team Mate?

Shane Connell, Adrian Murphy and Ridiculous Mahon when he is angry. Seriously hard men!

If You Could Buy One Player To Play For Edenderry, Who Would It Be?

It’s not a player we need, it’s a psychologist! But if I’m pushed I’d say Johnny Doyle from Kildare, we need a man who will get us 5 or 6 points every game and a consistent free taker.

Person You Would Most Like To Meet?

Them two f&%kers from Tullamore.

Favourite Personal Saying Or Term Of Abuse?

It’s time to s**te or get off the pot……it says it all!

Pet Hates?

Padraig Foy pickin’ his nose and then sneakily wiping his snot on the seat in my car, hoping I don’t see him.

Favourite Music?

Oasis, Eagles, Greenday, Wolfe Tones, The Killers. I’d pretty much listen to anything

Favourite Film?

Pulp Fiction

Ideal Date?

Of course I’d say Denise.

Most Embarrassing Moment?

I’ve had a few, and they all involve me, a ball and a net. I’ll let ye figure it out.

What Would You Do If You Won The Lotto?

Put some proper showers in the dressing rooms and then pay for that psychologist.

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

As a lad that gave 100% effort 100% of the time.

Next Friday, October 2nd, our Player Focus will continue with Edenderry Footballer Conor O’Donoghue.