Player Focus #5

November 8, 2018


Robbie Glennon.

Date of Birth?



5ft 8in


11st 3/4’s

Notable Sporting Achievements?

Winning the Senior Championship with Edenderry in 2001. Playing for the Irish youth’s rugby team in 1999.

Toughest Opponent?

I don’t like marking Adrian Murphy in training. Micky Flynn from Tullamore.

Favourite Grounds?

Edenderry or O’Connor Park.


Travelling, and down time.

Favourite Position?

Anywhere in the full forward line.

Favourite Players?

Matt Connor, Peter Brady, Finbarr Cullen, Simon Geoghegan, Robbie Fowler.

Influences On Your Career?

My father and mother were always very supportive of me in whatever code I have played. They travelled the length and breath of Ireland to watch me play rugby, soccer and football which was always a great help. I had manager at Belvedere U-17 soccer team that always told me to work hard for the team first, and then that would allow you to play and express yourself. It has always stuck with me.Further to that I started playing football at U-12. I was lucky enough to go on and win U-12, U-14, Minor, U-21 and Snr Championships with Edenderry. One man was with me the whole way up and that man was Jimmy Dolan. One thing that always stands out in my mind about Jimmy is the fact that he always encouraged his players and let them play football. Even after winning at every level he coached, it was never about Jimmy and always about his players.

The High Point Of Your Career To Date?

Winning any county final in 2001 was very special, not everyone gets to win a senor medal. Again the Irish youths rugby was an unbelievable experience.

Biggest Disappointment?

Not having a passport when the Irish U-17 soccer team called on Christmas day 1999 to play in a tournament out in Israel. I was named on the program; my mother still has it at home. I would have been the first duel international but it wasn’t to be. Not winning more at senor level with Edenderry.

Players With A Promising Future?

Stephen Guing seems to have a bit about him, good attitude, train’s hard and gives his all on the field. It’s one thing having the talent, it’s another thing putting the effort in. Something some of the other lads could take on board. Sean Pender also has serious talent.

Ways Of Improving The Game?

Only allow three hand passes in a row. There is just too much of it in the game. It’s taken out the art of the footpass. The GAA has to do something to improve the entertainment value of the game. Of the televised games this year, you could probably only point out two and say ‘that was some game’.

Dislikes About The GAA?

The top brass’s failure to embrace change, be it the rules, or help out inter county footballer’s e.g. GPA. The GAA will lose players, if lads feel they are not going to be looked after and it’s not a big thing to do it.

Do You Have Any Relatives Involved In Gaelic Games?

My brother Michael is the Chairman of Gothenburg GAA.

Funniest Team Mate?

Dick Mahon.

Hardest/Toughest Team Mate?

It’s only fair to say Shane Connell, and I should know as he once chased me around the town after the disco a couple of years back. He didn’t catch me.

Best Player You Ever Played With?

Finbarr Cullen.

Most Talented Player You Ever Played With?

Peter Brady.

Best/Favourite Manager You’ve Ever Had?

Current management aside, the management in 2001 was great. Ian Morgan in Barnhall RFC.

Best Goal Ever Scored?

Either one V’s Rhode in 2001.

If You Could Buy One Player To Play For Edenderry Who Would It Be?

Alan O’Mara.

Person You Would Most Like To Meet?

The four band members of Black Sabbath.

Favourite Personal Saying Or Term Of Abuse?

Go round the cones, lads.

Pet Hates?

People from there own club giving abuse to player’s and coaches. Lads playing for themselves and not the team.

Favourite Music?

From Black Sabbath to Abba, I like all kinds of music.

Favourite Film?


Ideal Date?

Kelly Brook, I’ve heard she’s hard to live with but I’d chance it.

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

A team player.