Player Focus #9

November 8, 2018


Sinead Taylor.

Date of Birth?



5ft 6in


Too heavy! 🙂

Notable Sporting Achievements?

Won and captained St Mary’s Secondary to All Ireland ‘A’ Final.

Toughest Opponent?

No-one there all the same.

Favourite Grounds?

O’Connor Park.


Soccer, cinema, music.

Favourite Position?

Centre Forward.

Favourite Players?

Everyone on the Edenderry team and Offaly team.

Influences On Your Career?

My team-mates.

The High Point Of Your Career To Date?

Liftin’ the All-Ireland Cup and of course beating Rhode!

Biggest Disappointment?

Losing to Rhode.

Player With A Promising Future?

Kym Furey.

Ways Of Improving The Game?

Give players more recognition.

Dislikes About The GAA?

Sexist! Men get everything, women get nothing, should be equal.

Do You Have Any Relatives Involved In Gaelic Games?


Best Goal Ever Seen Scored?

Mairead Kavanagh vs Killeigh.

Funniest Team Mate?

Riona Byrne.

Hardest / Toughest Team Mate?

Sandra Blong.

If You Could Buy One Player To Play For Edenderry, Who Would It Be?

……don’t know.

Person You Would Most Like To Meet?


Pet Hates?


Favourite Music?

R n B.

Favourite Film?


Ideal Date?

David Beckham.

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

For my highs rather than my lows!

Next Friday, September 11th, our Player Focus will continue with Edenderry Footballer Padraig Foy.