(REVISED FIXTURE PLANNER – VERSION 2 – Released 9th May) – Available to download from our club website.

November 8, 2018

The 2018 Master Fixture Planner Issue 2, affects Junior A Group C, B, C and D Championship fixtures in Football and Football and Hurling leagues.

To insure the competitions can be finished in a reasonable timeframe the revised Fixture Planner will result in mid-week fixtures and could involve multiple fixtures in a short timeframe for dual clubs. Meath CCC will limit this scenario wherever possible but clubs should allow for this by reducing training sessions, challenge matches etc, as they consider appropriate.


Please note that Meath CCC will not entertain requests by clubs to change games on the basis of ‘player welfare’ as player welfare is the responsibility of clubs, as they are best placed to manage this issue.

Additionally, if clubs wish to change a fixture they must follow the following process;

1.       Contact the opposing club to agree on a suitable date/time/venue

2.       Contact the referee to ensure he is available for the revised date/time/venue

3.       When steps 1 and 2 have been confirmed, send a request, by email, to with the revised details. Make sure both clubs send this email request.

4.       Await confirmation from Meath CCC that the revised fixture has been approved.

This revised procedure is being introduced due to the huge administrative workload currently being experienced by Meath CCC, in dealing with fixture change requests.

Meath CCC will not deal with fixture requests that have not followed the above procedure.