SADS Screening - All players advised to take part

November 8, 2018

The Club would encourage all players age 15 to 35 (The age for screening) to take a SADS screening. The Club will facilitate this exercise by arranging SADS screening in the clubrooms if there is sufficient take-up by players. We would encourage parents to support this club initiative and players should give their names immediately to Liam Sloan. Cost £35

Sudden Cardiac Death (SADS) takes the lives of eight young and apparently healthy people every week in the UK, a statistic viewed only as the tip of the iceberg by experts.

There are sometimes no symptoms for SADS, and symptoms that do occur often go unrecognised because the young person appears fit and healthy.

With a simple Electrocardiogram (ECG), and diagnosis by an expert consultant cardiologist, many heart conditions can be detected. Despite this, heart screening for young people is not compulsory, and it is often not until a tragedy takes place in a family that the true extent of the problem is known.

Dr Eugene Young, Director of Coaching and Games, said: “For the price of a pair of football boots, young people can be proactive through the screening and have the peace of mind that they have engaged with leading sports cardiologists in this important field.”