Santa and the Magical Christmas Tree

November 7, 2018

Santa and The Magical Christmas Tree

The Magical Christmas tree grows deep in the enchanted forest and is  protected by special magic, LOGAN THE WOODCUTTER is its guardian.

Each Christmas SANTA uses the magic from the tree to make his sleigh fly and to bring the spirit of Christmas to the world – this year however the evil DARK QUEEN has other plans, she intends to cut down the enchanted forest and destroy the magical Christmas tree… can you help to stop her, and join in with SANTA, LOGAN  and FINXX the Elf – to save the Tree … THEY NEED YOU  TO HELP THEM or … or … or …there will be no CHRISTMAS…

The characters need the children to sing and interact with them to help defeat the Dark Queen …

The music and lyrics for this show are available as a free download from from 1st November Christmas. Worksheets and things to colour are also available  as free downloads


Thursday 26th and 27th November at 10am, 11.30am, 1.00pm
 Tickets €10   groups €9