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November 8, 2018




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 Aldridge Cup Round 2: Sarsfields 1-13 Clane 1-8

At the end of an extremely competitive Aldridge cup second round game Sarsfields emerged victorious after a hard fought five point winning margin over Clane in Sarsfields Park on Saturday. In a game in which both sides played attractive attacking football Sarsfields dominated the first half and their clinical movement on and off the ball will have pleased the new management. Morgan O’ Sullivan and Murt Dunne in an unaccustomed midfield role got the upper hand over the Clane pairing of Joe Coonan and David Cafferty. As a result  Sarsfield raced into an early 5 points to no score lead. Centre half forward Niall Fortune opened the scorings followed by Paddy Cambell and  two John Geraghty points either side of  a superb strike from half back Aidan McLernan. Clane’s first score came towards the midway point of the first half when Clane’s Thomas Conner just returning from a long injury showed his class when he struck from close range to give Sarsfields goalkeeper Patrick O’ Sullivan no chance. Unfortunately for Thomas Connor he had to be substituted minutes later as a precautionary measure as he twisted his knee while scoring the goal.

Sarsfields response to the Clane goal was swift. A Paddy Cambell point was immediately followed by a goal by full forward John Walsh after a great movement originating at the half back line with Aidan McLernan, involving Conor Tiernan  and Paddy Cambell who quickly off loaded the ball to the unmarked full forward who blasted to the net. A Clane point by Stephen Lyons  completed the scoring just before the break with  Sarsfields leading  at half time by five points 1-6 to 1-1. 

The second half was a much closer contest as Clane began to gain parity at midfield although they found it hard to bridge the five point gap despite half forward Benny Langon’s unerring accuracy from frees and play which gave him a personal tally of six second half points.

The last ten minutes of the game was played at a frenetic pace after a pointed free by Clane’s chief marksman Benny Langon left only three points between the sides; 1-10 to 1-7. Clane surged forward putting the Sarsfields backs under relentless pressure, sensing that a draw was possibly within their sights.  Sarsfields however defended resolutely and half back Aidan McLernan, Sarsfields man of the match typified their defensive excellence as he had throughout the game intercepting many Clane attacks and supplying the Sarsfields forwards who although they saw less of the ball than earlier still managed to add three more points putting the game beyond Clane’s reach.

The pressure on Sarsfields eased when Murt Dunne scored to put four between the sides. An excellent and second point from second half substitute Conor Walsh just as the game approached injury time sealed the game and the points for Sarsfields. Impressive for Sarsfields were Aidan Mclernan who was Sarsfields man of the match, Joe O ‘ Malley Steven Murphy, Ciaran Carey, Murt Dunne.  John Walsh. John Geraghty Paddy Cambell and second half subs Martin McIntyre , Enda Freeney and Conor Walsh. For Clane Paddy Meehan,  Benny Langan  Joe Coonan, David Cafferty and Stephen Lyons  and second half substitute Brian “star” Kennedy.      



Clane: Shane Farrell, Paddy Meehan, Justin Hayes, Paddy Winder, Sam Brennan, Philly Doyle, Simon Jackson, Joe Coonan, David Cafferty, Mark Holligan, Stephen Lyons (0-2), Benny Langon (0-6), Tomas Conner (1-0) Aidan Dunne Brian O’ Donovan. Subs:Sean Mangan for Thomas Conner (15mins). Eoin Naughton for Paddy Meehan (20mins) Brian “star” Kennedy for Aidan Dunne (55mins) Paddy Meehan for Mark Holligan (50 mins) 


Sarsfields: Patrick O’ Sullivan, Ciaran Carey, Steven Murphy, Conor Duffy, Aidan McLernan, (0-1) John Kavanagh, Joe O’ Malley, Murt Dunne,(0-1) Morgan O’ Sullivan, Conor Tiernan (0-1), Niall Fortune (0-1), Danny Watson, John Geraghty (0-2)  Conor Walsh (0-2)  Enda Freanay (0-2)  John Walsh (1-0), Paddy Cambell( 0-3). Subs: (ht)  Enda Freeney for Morgan O’ Sullivan, Martin “Ziggy” McIntyre for John  Kavanagh, Conor Walsh for Niall Fortune. Declan McKenna for Paddy Cambell (45mins) Steven Ussher for Conor Duffy (56) 


Referee Fergal Barry Monastereven .



Sarsfields will play Round Towers away on Sunday in the final round of the Aldridge at 3pm. Sarsfields minor league game has been at the request of Towers changed from Sunday to Friday night at 8pm under lights in Hawkfield




Leinster GAA News
Welcoming Rebels back like prodigal sons will be detrimental to GAA’s future

By Martin Breheny
Saturday February 16 2008

THE roadblocks have been removed but what lurks ahead? That’s the big
question which remains unanswered after possibly the saddest episode in
Cork’s GAA history draws towards an uneasy conclusion.

Unfortunately, the fall-out from Cork’s self-induced mess stretches way
beyond the county’s boundaries and will have serious ramifications for
every club and county in the country and, indeed, for the GAA itself.
For a start, the authority of County Boards — and by implication
subsidiary Boards and even club officers — has been weakened by the
Cork precedent.

Secondly, players now realise that they can get their way on anything.
Call a strike and it’s game off until you get your way. The authorities
can bleat all they like about who is in control, but without players
there are no games and hence no GAA. That’s why it’s crucial for the
authorities to get things right, something, which Cork patently didn’t

Their decision to grab power back to themselves when it came to
appointing selectors wasn’t just provocative, it was stupid. Did they
really think that the players would ignore it? That the Board then went
ahead and appointed a new football team manager while the dispute was
on-going points to breath-taking arrogance. In fact, the Board made such
a mess of it from the start that, in the interests of GAA in the county,
senior officers should consider standing aside at the next Convention.
It really is that serious because the precedent that this row has
created leaves a very worrying legacy for the entire Association.

The first dilemma facing the GAA is what action to take against Cork,
who failed to fulfil their first two fixtures in the Allianz football
and hurling Leagues. Will Cork now be allowed to march straight back
into the competition as if it were only starting?

That would not only be grossly unfair to Meath, Dublin, Kilkenny and
Waterford, the counties impacted on by the no-show, but also to the
other teams in Cork’s group. Worse than that, it would send out a signal
to every club and county that if they press the nuclear strike button,
the authorities will eventually welcome them back like prodigal sons.

Cork should have been thrown out of the League when they failed to
fulfil their first games. It wasn’t as if the row had flared up at the
last minute; in fact, it had been raging for almost four months, during
which the footballers and some Board members holidayed together but
didn’t discuss the issue which confronted them all. How juvenile was

If the Board were responsible for creating the mess, the players are
guilty of spreading it. They could have pursued diplomatic avenues in
the early stages while all the time leaving the strike threat in the
equation. Instead, they called a strike straight away which inevitably
led to entrenched positions.

Ultimately, the GAA couldn’t find a mechanism within their own systems
to solve the problem, opting instead to seek outside help in the form of
Labour Relations Commission chairman, Kieran Mulvey. It was a sensible
move for this particular row but has it not set a dangerous precedent?
Will others seek to have Mr. Mulvey or some other outside arbitrator
brought in to adjudicate on controversial issues in the future? The GAA
can scarcely say no, given that they backed it for the Cork case.

That’s the problem with an unusual situation like this. It has created
several precedents that will reverberate right through the GAA at all
levels for a very long time. Indeed, those who fear that the
pay-for-play challenge is trundling down the track with increasing
momentum will be horrified by what has happened. The appalling
incompetence of the Cork Board prompted a strike which ultimately will
be seen as being successful from a players’ viewpoint. So if strike can
work at local level, would it not have the same impact nationally?

What if the GPA decide to demand a slice of the financial cake on behalf
of the players and called a strike in support of their claim? Would the
GAA be left with no alternative but to dismantle their amateur wall
overnight or risk a complete wipe-out of the inter-county programme?

The GAA has announced that a decision regarding Cork’s deferred games
will be taken by the Central Competitions Control Committee next
Tuesday. Actually, it should be taken today, not by CCCC but by Central
Council which, coincidentally, will meet in Croke Park.

Central Council issued a ‘two strikes and you’re out’ statement a few
weeks ago and must now stand by that. That would leave Cork out of the
Leagues and facing relegation for 2009. Anything else would make a
mockery of rules and regulations. Besides, if Cork’s games are re-fixed
and Meath, as promised, refuse to fulfil the fixture on March 9 what
action will be taken? Would Meath lose the points to a county that
didn’t fulfil the fixture on a date that was allocated months ago?

Cork have done a great disservice to the GAA and deserve to be punished.
Expulsion from the League is the minimum sentence they should face.

What happens next is a major test of Central Council. No doubt, attempts
will be made to allow Cork back into the League but they should be
resisted. Otherwise, a bad situation will be made even worse, only this
time the GAA in general will be the losers.



Leahy admits interest in top Cork job



 By Brendan Larkin
CORK’S All-Ireland U21 title-winning coach Tony Leahy has emerged as front-
runner to replace Teddy Holland in the senior hot-seat after refusing to rule himself out of the running last night.

‘It’s something I’d have to consider,’ admitted Leahy yesterday, who is now
in charge of St Finbarr’s footballers.

‘I have other commitments that would have to be taken into account, but certainly I’d give it full consideration.

‘I wouldn’t be rejecting out of hand, put it that way, if I was in the frame.’

Leahy was regarded as one of the front runners when Billy Morgan stepped down last year and is expected to figure on the county board’s shortlist.

With the Board set to bring closure to the protracted Holland controversy at a meeting tonight, moves to appoint a replacement are already in place.

Explained PRO, Bob Ryan: ‘The board has put in place the system for appointing a new team manager, and that will be done immediately as we have a National League game to play next weekend.

‘Five members of the executive and two players will form a seven-man commit
tee to put forward a new team manager. Two of the five executive members will be board members who were elected to the executive last week as GPC members.’

All-Ireland winning defender Conor Counihan is many people’s favourite for
the position, but he may be loathe to allow his name go forward after a dee
ply unsatisfactory conclusion to his last attempt, when Billy Morgan replaced Larry Tompkins.

Speculation that former hurling coach John Allen may be drafted in on an interim basis has been dismissed by well-placed sources, who believe the Board will have a new coach in place by the end of the week.

A number of ex-players have expressed concern at the role of two inter-county players in the committee to appoint the new manager, the latest being All-Ireland winner, Dave Barry who described it as ‘a step too far.’

‘Players have enough to be doing to be winning matches, they should leave t
he administration and appointments to others,’ he declared.

The County Board will seek clarification from LRC chief Kieran Mulvey on hi
s arbitration report, though delegates have already adopted his findings in

PRO Bob Ryan said that as Mr Mulvey’s binding arbitration had been accepted
by the clubs and the executive, it would act as the framework for the future.

‘To clarify the situation regarding the team management, Ted Holland did a
television interview and I think it was pretty obvious from that interview
where Ted stands, but we need to finalise the thing once and for all,’ he s
aid after Saturday’s meeting on Leeside.




Teddy: the final hours
By Michael Moynihan and Brendan Larkin
THE bitter Cork GAA stand-off involving striking players, football coach Te
ddy Holland and the county board is ‘within hours’ of resolution, board off
icials claimed last night.

But it will conclude with a final sting in the tail, after Holland and his
four selectors declined to resign in two hours of talks with board officers

That has triggered another full county board meeting tonight, when delegate
s may be asked to vote for the removal of Holland and his selectors, Diarmu
id O’Donovan, Teddy McCarthy, Liam Hodnett and Mick O’Loughlin.

Holland and his management team met on ‘businesslike’ terms with the execut
ive of the county board yesterday at Páirc Ui Rinn. However, the absence
of any formal resignation from the coach suggests that they remain in their
posts for another day. If that is the case then delegates will be asked to
remove them in accordance with the ruling made by Labour Relations Commiss
ion chief Kieran Mulvey last week.

Given that the executive of the board have agreed that Holland and his sele
ctors must step aside, their support should be enough to carry any vote tak
en on the issue tonight. However, there may be one final twist left in the
saga, as it is understood that some club delegates sympathise with Holland
and his four selectors and may not support any motion put forward to
oust them.

If a vote taken tonight to remove the football management team were to be d
efeated, it is not clear how the board might then carry out the ruling by which they are bound.

Last night Cork PRO Bob Ryan predicted that the end of the current impasse
‘is within hours’.

Ryan said that the meeting was called yesterday as ‘those involved deserved
courtesy of time to look and reflect on the document.’

He added: ‘We had a cordial meeting and a constructive meeting with Ted Hol
land and his selectors. The meeting was very amicable. We agreed with them
on what needs to be done. We will report back to a full meeting of the Cork
County Board tomorrow at Pairc Ui Chaoimh.’

When questioned if the matter will go to a vote, Ryan replied: ‘That will a
ll be revealed. There are protocols in place. There will be a meeting and a
report to the delegates. I don’t know if there will be a vote. There may b
e or there may not be. That will be up to the delegates who elected Ted Hol
land and his selectors.’

Added Mr Ryan: ‘Ted Holland and his colleagues have put up with a lot over
the last three months. Ted is one of the finest men I’ve ever met in sport.
He and his family have been through a very difficult time with some very n
asty publicity. Both he and the other selectors have dealt with it very wel

‘We are very grateful as a board to them for putting their names forward in
itially for the positions, and I would hope that in the not too distant fut
ure, after they get a break from this situation, that they get a chance to
serve Cork County again.’

Mr Ryan said he hoped that Cork would be back on the playing field next wee
kend, and that the Central Competition Controls Committee would look favour
ably on rescheduling the games they have missed out on. He expects the Cork
footballers to be in action next weekend even though county champions Nemo
Rangers contest the All-Ireland club SFC championship semi-final against M
ayo’s Ballina Stephenites.

‘I would say we would have a game next week. That would be normal. Many tea
ms have played without players involved in the club championship during the

When questioned if Cork would have a management team in place next weekend
Mr Ryan replied: ‘The executive got plenary power from the Board on Saturday night to do that.’

However, Meath football boss Colm Coyle confirmed yesterday the Royals won’t be playing Cork. ‘We made ourselves available twice,’ he blasted.



Anti-grants group slams Central Council’s motion

By Colm O’Connor and Jim O’Sullivan
OF ONE BELIEF, the group opposed to grants for inter-county players,
last night accused Central Council of ‘writing a blank cheque to beat
all blank cheques’ following their decision to sponsor a motion
supporting the controversial proposal at Congress.

Mark Conway, one of the founders of Of One Belief, slammed GAA chiefs
and expressed ‘disbelief’ at the show of support for a system that has
yet to be finalised by the GAA, GPA and Irish Sports Council.

He – and his organisation – are adamant that the proposed payment system
contravenes the Association’s rules on amateurism.

However Central Council delegates feel otherwise and are to back the
following motion at Congress: ‘That Congress, is satisfied that the
scheme proposed by the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, to
recognise the contribution of senior inter-county GAA players and
additional costs associated with enhancing team performance in the form
presented to Congress is in accordance with rule 11 of the Official
Guide and that Congress approves the introduction and implementation of
that scheme’.

Said Conway: ‘My first feeling was one of disbelief when I heard this.
Central Council are agreeing to something that is not yet in place,
something that they have yet to see.

‘We were told on at the Club Forum at Croke Park last week that no
agreement on the issue will be reached until March. So how can Central
Council be agreeing to something that they have not seen?’

Conway admits he is worried that motions against the grant may struggle
to find a voice at Congress.

‘I was always led to believe that the ordinary man or woman in the GAA
would have a voice – that the smallest GAA club in Ireland can place a
motion which would end up on the floor of Congress. But I’m left
wondering now what chance those motions will have now.’

However he remained defiant: ‘There is plenty of fight left in the
ordinary grassroots GAA.’

Meanwhile, the stage looks set for a resumption of the International
Rules Series with Australia, according to GAA President Nickey Brennan.

Mr Brennan stated that the Series ‘had no impact one way or another’ on
the recruitment of young inter-county players by AFL clubs.
Nevertheless, it is his intention to try to get the AFL to impose a
policy that their clubs ‘cannot recruit players under 19 years of age
‘and that they must have an educational programme for any players
recruited in place.

A formal decision on whether or not to resume tours – the next one is to
Australia – will be taken at the March meeting of the Council.



GAA Quotes


“That fellow is useless, he wouldn’t get a kick in a stampede in Texas” Anonymous



“I love Cork so much that if I caught one of their hurlers in bed with my missus I’d tiptoe downstairs and make him a cup of tea’ — Joe Lynch (actor)


The rules of Meath football are basically simple: if it moves kick it; if it doesn’t move kick it until it does. — Tyrone fan after a controversial All-Ireland semi-final.

Life isn’t all beer and football: some of us haven’t touched a football in months. — A Kerry player during the league in the early 1980’s

A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else. — John B. Keane

Mick Holden (seriously late for training on a Saturday morning
– I was coming across town and I was stopped by the guards. They said I was a match for one of the guys that pulled the big bank robbery yesterday.
– Kevin Heffernan: Really?
– Holden: No, but it sounds so much better than saying I slept it out.


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