Sean Treacys News

November 8, 2018


We have recently teamed up with Vodafone to allow people to support our club at no extra cost, simply register at and Vodafone will donate 5% of your bill or top up directly to Sean Treacys, we would love your continued help.

Lotto Results

Jackpot            – €6,000           –           6, 17, 21, 27 no winner

Bonus Draw     – €200                         4, 8, 10, 24 no winner



Lucky Dip

€50 Ned Gleeson, Hollyford.

€50 Seamus Allis, Hollyford.


€25 George Gleeson, Rearcross.

€25 Andy Mackey, Doon.

€25 Andrew O’Donoghue, Cappamore.

€25 T.J. Moloney, Hollyford.

€25 Billy O’Toole, Rearcross.

We have a new feature on the system that will help Sean Treacy’s raise funds more consistently.  This is a recurring payment feature it has two components:

1. It will allow our supporters to simply click a button while they are buying a lotto ticket and in doing so, the lotto ticket will automatically renew at the end of the chosen period – essentially an electronic direct debit scheme.

2. A new report will now appear in our club administration panel.  This new report will give us full details on the status of all of the play slips where our supporters have chosen the auto renew option. 


So play online now by logging on to


We encourage you to contact any committee member to donate unwanted scrap metal or car and tractor batteries.

Have a look at our all new site and join our club.