Senior Champs 2011

November 8, 2018

Senior Champs 2011

Our senior side were struggling,

We sent out an SOS,

With relegation looming,

We called on three of the best.


The lads came in and shook it up,

The training was immense,

With a 100% commitment required,

The atmosphere was intense.


They told some players a few home truths,

That some just did not like,

Though most got on with the job in hand,

Some more got on their bike.


The lads who stayed got focused,

Of that there’s little doubt,

They reached a league one final,

Where Doylo got a clout.


The championship got started,

In Killurin on that sunny summer’s day,

But when the final whistle went,

The reds kneeled down and prayed.


Up next were the men from Tubber,

And our Bunter he was back,

He picked off a mighty point,

And spearheaded our attack.


The crucial game came next,

When we took on Tullamore,

And the reds were celebrating,

When Deano got the goal.


A win against Ferbane,

Would see the Reds progress,

When Kelly hit a rocket,

Ferbane were in a mess.


Rhode were on our radar,

We took them on in Croghan,

They beat us on the night,

But something sure smelt rotten.


The quarter final day arrived,

With Rynaghs in our way,

A massive score of 2-15,

It really was our day.


On semi final afternoon,

Sean Pender was ‘the’ man,

A solid wall he built,

As The Larks were over-ran.


Clara were the team to beat,

We hadn’t got a hope,

But good old Fr Mack was there,

And squared it with the pope.


We took them on with little fear,

For our lads were stout and brave,

We knew that if we played football,

The Clara boys would cave.


When Brazil blew his whistle,

The cheers were heard in Heaven,

For now it was official,

The Reds are champs 2011

David Farrell, Copyright 2011