November 7, 2018


NAAS    1 – 11         MOOREFIELD       1 – 8

The Naas second team with a blend of youth and experience had three points to spare over Moorefield in this league final. Naas were the better side in the first half and with the help of a Stephen Piggott goal in the 19th. minute led 1 – 6 to 0 – 3 at the interval. Naas continued to dominate in the second half as Neal Higgins and Paul McDermott dominated the midfield. Naas were still six points clear with three minutes left when Ryan Moore goaled for Moorefield from long range. But this was too little too late and Naas emerged as league champions.

Moorefield opened the scoring with two Frank Hannify frees. Naas equalised with points from Karel N’tumba and Neal Higgins. Naas took the lead in the 19th. minute when Alex Maher and Kevin is combined to put Stephen Piggott through for a goal. A second Higgins point was matched by a mark Murnaghan point for Moorefield. Naas finished the half with two Kevin Curtis frees and a Paul McDermott point. Naas led 1 – 6 to 0 – 3 at half – time.

Moorefield opened the scoring in the second half with two Hannify frees again. However Naas restored their six point advantage with a Kevin Curtis point and a Daragh Merriman free. Then Hannify and Curtis swapped frees before Kieran O’Donnell pointed for Moorefield. A great run by Paul McDermott ended in a Merriman point to leave five between them. A Ryan Moore goal with three minutes left put two between them. Naas replied with the point of the game from Daragh Merriman.

Naas: Luke Mullins, Conor Gormley, Keith McDonnell, David Shaw, Fiachra Piggott, Shane Gibbons, Vinny Lannigan, Paul Mc Dermott(0 – 1), Neal Higgins(0 – 2), Aiden Begley, Dean McHolmes, Daragh Merriman(0 – 3), Alex Maher, Kevin Curtis(C) (0 – 4), Karel N’tumba(0 – 1), Sub Stephen Piggott (1 – 0).

Moorefield: Ian McDonnell, Colin Barrett, Shane Newman, Warren Kealy, Sean Dempsey, Liam Mc Dermott, Kevin O’Donnel (0 – 1), Ryan Moore (1 – 0), Adam O’Donnell, Daire Dunne, Conor McLoughlin, Ian Meehan, Frank Hannify (0 – 6), Mark Murnaghan (0 – 1), Dave Brannigan.