Seniors Defeat Corofin In Style

November 8, 2018

SFL: Corofin: 0-11 Barna: 1-10

9 May 2009

The Barna Seniors secured another impressive victory on Saturday with a win over County Champions, Corofin. The challenge of facing Corofin in their home venue would have seemed to neutrals as “a lot to ask” from the recently promoted Barna team. However, from the throw in, Barna set out to beat their appoints by playing a fast moving and pressing style of football, a style that made for highly enjoyable viewing for those on the side line.

The opening score came from Ray Conneely who went on to put in a highly impressive performance for Barna. The vital goal game from a well worked high ball into Brian Conneely at full forward. The move was text book – high fielding, shove off defender, turn to face goal and hammer the ball past the keeper. From the moment the goal went in, which happened in about the tenth minute, the Barna backs knew they would have to pull out all the stops to keep the 3 point difference for the remainder of the half and indeed until the final whistle. The Barna defence was awesome in its approach to halting the highly regarded Corofin attack. The Corofin attack were reduced to over passing as a result of the pressure and harassing from the Barna defence – the over passing eventually being cut out by the Barna defence. And each time the Corofin attack broke down, the ball started to move up the pitch with purpose and momentum. It was an impressive ensemble display by the team and panel.

Well done to the team and coaching team for bring the team to this standard of football. Keep up the good work and the great football.

See photos from the game on the main Barna Gaa website by clicking here.