Sheelin Cup fixture against St Mochtas

November 8, 2018

Roche Emmets recorded their second win in the Sheelan Cup in a week by defeating St Mochtas 1-18 to 0-9 at home on Thursday night under lights. This was a fast open game in good weather conditions, with both teams showed good handling, catching, passing and movement but Roche had more fire power. Roche could have had two further goals but for good saves by the Mochtas net minder.

Roche began with a bang, they moved the ball swiftly from the throw in to Gerry Murphy free on the left of the square where he moved in to drive to the far corner of the net. After two wides at both ends Liam Lawlor pulled a point back from play on the seventh minute. Philip Quinn restored a 3 point lead on the 9th minute after a good Roche move. Dan O’Connell should have scored a second Roche goal but for a fine save at his feet. From the 45 Barry O’Hare took the pass and scored his 1st point and a second 5 minutes later from play. Sean Crawley and Nigel Farrell pulled three good points back on the 15th, 18th and 19th minutes to leave the scores 1-3 to 0-4. Dwane Callan immediately added a point to the Roche tally followed by two from O’Hare (1f) and Callan chipped in with his second to leave the half time score 1-7 to 0-4. Only for another fine save from the Mochtas keeper things could have appeared much worse.

The Mochtas started the second half with a point in the first minute but the next 16 minutes seen Roche out score them 6 points to 4 to leave the game 1-13 to 0-9. The Mochtas failed to score beyond this point while Bernard McConnon and subs Robert O’Hanlon and Tom Quigley were all getting in on the scoring to push Roches tally to 11 points for the second half. Final score Roche 1-18 Mochtas 0-9.

Roche Emmets: Aidan McCoy, Brian McGuinness, David Quigley, Joe Bishop, Sean Kirk, Harry O’Connell, Sean O’Hare, Martin Carroll, Darren McConnon, Duane Callan (2pts), Daniel O’Connell (1pt), Philip Quinn (2pts), Bernard McConnon (2pts), Gerry Murphy (1-2), Barry O’Hare (6pts). Subs at half time was Robert O’Hanlon (2pts) for Aidan McCoy with Sean O’Hare moving to goals and Duane Callan moving back to allow O’Hanlon onto the wing. Tom Quigley (1pt) for Harry O’Connell who retired midway in the second half.

Best were Gerry Murphy, Barry O’Hare, Duane Callan, Martin Carroll, Sean O’Hare and Sean Kirk.

St. Mochtas scorers: Liam Lawlor 2pts, Sean Crawley 2pts, Nigel Farrell 3pts, Ken Megan 1pt, Liam McGranaghan 1pt.