Sheelin Cup Match v Dreadnots

November 8, 2018

Paddy Sheelan Cup Round 7 in Pairc de Roiste Friday 9th April at 8pm Roche Emmets V Dreadnots.

Referee: Joey Moynagh

Roche 3-12 (0-7 H.T.) Dreadnots 2-7 (1-4 H.T.)

This game was played on a clear crisp spring evening under lights. Two days of good sun shine made the pitch firm and with the weather conditions all was set for good football. And so it was, the football was fast with constructive passages of football with some fine scores for both teams.

The visitors started brightly with James Califf sparkling in midfield. He registered the first point in the 1st minute and for that early period was the most dominant player on show. Roche were slow to get into gear but from the 6th minute when Philip Quinn popped over a free they rattled four more over in a ‘could do no wrong’ period while the Dreadnots struggled to turn play into scores. Quinn had a good point from play, Barry O’Hare converted a free, then a very good point on the run from Gerry Murphy who received a quick pass from O’Hare after he gathered a long pass on the wing from Dan O’Connell’s accurate defensive clearance. O’Hare then went on a maze run before popping over the bar to leave the score 0-5 to 0-1 on the quarter hour mark.

But Roche’s joy was suddenly changed with a ball into their square that should have been easily cleared but the defence hesitated and before they knew it, Chris Mulroy was striking the ball into an empty net. From the kick-out James Califf sent over another point to completely change the complexion of this game with the score level at 0-5 to 1-2.

Dan O’Connell squeezed Roche a point up with a good score from play in the 20th minute. Both teams missed point chances but Roche were lucky they did not concede another goal but for a lucky interception by Harry O’Connell with the defence absent. The Dreadnots were dominating more areas of the field than Roche, especially midfield and half forward line. They moved ahead 1-4 to 0-6 with points from Kenneth Shevlin and Anthony Lynch in the 25th and 27th minutes. The Dreadnots loosened their grip on the game and allowed Roche in for two good chances, one for goal, but both were not taken. Gerry Murphy cut through the defence on the 30th minute to slot over a nice point to level the scores at the short whistle. Roche 0-7 Dreadnots 1-4.

Califf scored his 3rd point from a long free kick after three minutes of the restart and Dreadnots appeared to be back in gear. But three minutes later the Roche management sprung Kevin Callaghan for his first outing for many months following injury and what a difference he made. He attempted a shot from 30 metres on the left a minute into being introduced which fell short but while following it in he found the ball back in his hands with an empty net before him and he obliged and so gave Roche a two point lead. Roche extended their lead to 3 with a B. O’Hare free kick in the next minute. The two teams were now buzzing, the Roche midfield pair were now winning their fair share of the ball. The score was 1-8 to 2-6 in the 13th minute when Conway scored a point and Chris Mulroy’s powerful shot from the edge of the square that was deflected to the Roche net. This was the last score for the Dreadnots bar a single point by Mulroy in the 60th minute of the game. The Callaghan show took over, he took an excellent point on the run in answer to Conroy’s point. Roche’s luck held when another timely and smart interception from Harry O’Connell prevented the Dreadnots scoring when almost in on the goals with only the keeper to beat. Dan O’Connell drove a 45 metre free over the bar followed by another fine point from Callaghan and then O’Hare another when receiving from Darren McConnon who produced good work to fashion the chance. The lively minor Enda Murphy got his goal in the 27th minute after a smart interchange of passes between himself and both O’Hare and Callaghan. In the 31st minute Robert O’Hanlon cleared to Dan O’Connell who flicked to Kevin Callaghan who raced 20 metres through the defence to score his second goal, Joey produced the long whistle on the subsequent kick out with the score board showing Roche 3-12 Dreadnots 2-7.

Duane Callan, Robert O’Hanlon and Harry O’Connell were the best of the defence, Martin Carroll improved to parity with Califf as the hour passed, O’Hare was always lively and reaped four points. Both Murphys were also a handful for the Dreadnots to handle. But Kevin Callaghan with his work rate and scoring return was the difference between the teams.

Roche: Sean O’Hare, Sean Kirk, Harry O’Connell, Dermot Craven, Robert O’Hanlon, Brian McGuinness, Duane Callan, Martin Carroll, Darren McConnon, Philip Quinn 2pts, Dan O’Connell 2pts, Paudie Callaghan, Enda Murphy 1gl, Gerry Murphy 2pts, Barry O’Hare 4pts. Kevin Callaghan 2-2 for Dermot Craven 36th minute.

James Califf was Dreadnots best player and man of the match until Callaghan arrived. Derek and Liam Shevlin were the most prominent defenders with Gordan Cowan, Chris Mulroy and Kenneth Shevlin being the brightest up front.

Dreadnots: John Cunningham, Brian Garagan, Derek Sheevlin, Alan Smith, Richard Kirwin, Liam Shevlin, Cathal Lynch, James Califf 3pts, Fergan McGuigan, Gordan Cowan 1-1, Chris Mulroy 1-1, Barry Mulroy, Niall Hand, Kenneth Shevlin 1pt, Anthony Lynch 1pt. Glen Darlin for Barry Mulroy at half time, Barry Mulroy for Richard Kirwin 51st minute.