Sheelin Cup Semi Final

November 8, 2018

Clan na Gael Park was in  splendid conditions for the Paddy Sheelan Cup semifinal between Roche Emmets and Glyde Rangers on Sunday 21st June 2010 at 2:30pm. David Loughran threw in the ball in strong bright sunshine on the hottest day of this year. Glyde started without Trevor O’Brien and others but had in David Devaney, Larry O’Brien and Dean Matthews players at the top of their game. Roche turned out minus Barry O’Hare up front and the injured David Quigley after qualifying from their group in style with only three points dropped.

Glyde started the best after a Roche wide with points from Larry O’Brian, David Davaney and Martin O’Connor to leave the score three points to zero after ten minutes. Roche could not find their range but Kevin Callaghan did in the 12th minute from a fine move and then scored a smashing goal full of skill from a sweeping move deep in the Roche defence two minutes later. This was Roche’s best spell in regards to creating scores but contained several very bad wides. But Glyde added five points without reply from the 15th minute until the short whistle. The wide tally stood 3 to 7 wide for Roche. Glyde were in full control and Roche could not get going with poor passing, decision making and completely unable to match the Glyde’s dominant men mentioned above. The only hope for Roche was the half time talk and that the Roche performance would rise to the levels being displayed in their previous games this year. The half time score Glyde Rangers 0-8 Roche 1-1.

It didn’t take long in the second half to realise that this was going to be the poorest performance from Roche this year. Glyde continued as they did in the first half and with Devaney controlling the game from midfield, they added point after point, many of them very well executed from long distances. Roche failed to add to their tally and as if they realised the trouble they were in they made a push late in the half but a combination of poor shooting and a fine save three minutes from time by Anthony Nulty Roche raised no flag in the second half. It is testament to Aidan McCoy’s goal keeping skills that Glyde did not register at least one goal, one of his saves was nothing short of brilliant 8 minutes into the second half.

Result: Glyde Rangers 0-14 Roche Emmsts 1-1

Roche: Aidan McCoy, Duane Callan, Dermot Craven, Joe Bishop, Sean O’Hare, Harry O’Connell, Colm Callaghan, Martin Carroll, Darren McConnon, Paudie Callaghan, Dan O’Connell, Enda Murphy, Kevin Callaghan, Gerry Murphy, Martin Craven. Subs Aaron Callan and Robert O’Hanlon

Best: Aidan McCoy, Dermot Craven, Kevin Callaghan and Enda Murphy.