Storm takes it's toll on our Gaa fields

November 7, 2018

The storm force winds which have battered the country in recent weeks have left their mark on our gaa facilities both at Anner park in cloneen and the parish field in drangan.

For those of you who are living abroad and receiving our newsletter each fortnight our little country of Ireland has been bombarded with severe winds and rain for the last number of weeks. The west coast particularly counties Clare and Galway have been taking the brunt of the storms which have left a trail of destruction and has left many areas badly flooded.

But on wednesday last the southern counties including Tipperary took the brunt of one of the most severe storms to hit the country for many years. From 1 pm to 5 pm wind gusts of up to 155 km/hour  swept through our parish of Drangan and cloneen. Trees were up root on almost every road making travel almost impossible. Farm Buildings , haybarns, sheds etc were tested to the last and unfortunately some did not  stand up to the winds. ESB line and phone line were brought down in many places resulting in power cuts which did  not return for a number of days in some areas. Many of our older generation say they don't remember a storm of such force. 

At Anner park the roof has been blown off the dugout (pictured above) and some ridge tiles of the dressing rooms . There is also some damage to the big nets behind the goals. In Drangan the 2 goalpost have been blown down resulting in some damage to fences. Thankfully we have an active  field committee in our club who will certainly put everything back in place as soon as weather conditions allow.

 Lets hope we've seen the last of the storms for 2014. Incidentally I hear that chainsaw shops have never sold as many chainsaws as they have done so in the last week. As they say "it's an ill wind that doesn't blow good for someone"