Successful U10 Football Go Games in Edenderry

November 8, 2018

Edenderry GAA hosted a very successful U10 Football Go Games Blitz on Saturday 21st April.

The modified Go Games format is based on 9-a-side modified games. Edenderry (2 Teams) hosted;
Tullamore – 3 Teams
St. Vincents – 2 Teams
Rhode – 2 Teams

With four pitches set up there were four simultaneous games running throughout the morning.

Edenderry 1 played Rhode, Tullamore 1 & Tullamore 2

Edenderry 2 played Rhode, St. Vincents & Tullamore 3

Our lads acquitted themselves very well considering it was the first outing of the year. Tullamore 1 & 2 were both very strong but otherwise Edenderry competed very well indeed.

Today will be the first of many great days for these young Reds.

In total 81 players took part in the 9 teams and 12 games played – an outstanding success. Catch the video of the action below.