Suncroft GFC Underage Presentation

November 8, 2018

We had our 2009 Under Age Awards on Saturday November 21st in Toughers Restaurant in Newhall from 2-5pm. We had a great turnout and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. Congratulations to David Sutton of the Under 10 team on winning the Michael Lawless Trophy for overall player of 2009. The following lists are the awards for 2009:
Suncroft      GFC     Under    Age     2009     Awards
Overall Player of the Year   
David Sutton (Under 10A)
Player of the Year
Most Improved Player of the year
Under 10A
Conor Smith
Richie Collins
Under 10B
Eoin Conaghy
John O’Keefe
Under 11
Stephen Crowley
Adam Talbot
Under 12
Corey O’Sullivan
Eoghan Brannock
Under 13
Anthony Delaney
Anthony Dempsey
Under 14
Robert Burke
Conor Reid
Under 15
Wayne Foy
Jack Sethridge
Under 16
Thomas Dempsey