The Ballybrannigan Cup

November 8, 2018

SM posied to lift title! 

Coming into the final week of the Ballybrannigan Cup (National Hurling League Prediction Competition)SM is posied to land the inaugrual title as he holds onto a 28 point lead with 1080 points. Close on his heels is niallshox with 1052.

With only the GalwayvCork and ClarevWexford games left to be decided, this could be a cat and mouse affair. There is a potential 60 points on offer this weekend, and so niallshox will have to be spot on to take the crown. Will he go with the heart or the head!

There are many other battles on too down the scoreboard. Both kks and theweeman are battling for 3rd place, while farrelleen  will be eager to overtake rival 9227717.

Special mention too to local88. He started late, but scored an incredible 200 points last week. It was the fourth top score in the country, and he got all games correctly predicted.

On the national stage, SM is flying high on 8th place, niallshox is place 17th nationally, while kks is just outside the top 50 on 52nd.

1st SM 1080 points; 2nd niallshox – 1052; 3rd kks – 979; 4th theweeman – 964, 5th 9227717 – 879, 6th farrelleen – 854, 7th Vpmj – 666, 8th local88 – 654, 9th lyonsmb – 586.

Finalnote: Could SM please contact Garret 087-9513442 in relation to the prizegiving!