The Big Interview - November 2011

November 7, 2018

Well Stevie hows things with you?

I’m doing good.

Are u still working over in the hospital?



Have you recovered from the clubs defeat in the county final yet?

I have, to be honest it doesn’t take me too long to recover from stuff like that. Of course I was very disappointed at the time, and for a few days after, but that’s the way things go, have to get on with it.

Where did it all go wrong on the day?

I think we were beaten by the better team on the day, we had a bad start and in a final like that it’s always important to start well. It’s very difficult to play to your strengths, when you are chasing the game like we were.


Daingean seemed to have a fantastic level of support on the day. Did this lift the team?

It definitely lifted the team, our support was fantastic that day, we owe those people and the people of Daingean a lot, and we hope to deliver in the near future.


How will Cappincur fair in the intermediate championship next year?

If they can keep all their players I think they can do well and hold their own, they have a good panel and some strong players.


Results suggest that both the division 2 and divison 3 teams had decent league campaigns. Would you agree?

The Division 3 team had a great campaign getting to the Division 3 final and were very unlucky to lose. I can’t remember how the Division 2 team got on. It was a long summer and I’ve a poor memory.


Daingean had a new trainer this year in Andy Shorthall. How did you feel things went? Or does your memory go back that far?!

Things went very well. Andy is an intelligent and experienced trainer and would be a major asset to any team. He puts a lot of thought into training and translates his knowledge very well. If we had Andy from the start of the year thing might’ve been different.

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