The Football Association of Ireland and The Irish Society of Autism Workshop

November 8, 2018

The Football Association of Ireland and The Irish Society of Autism have partnered up to deliver the above workshop for all coaches in Ireland to increase their knowledge of autism and receive some very effective strategies and tools when working with players with the various types autism. The workshops are taking place across varies venues in Ireland over the coming three weeks and due to funding support from Dormant accounts these workshops will be free of charge.

After the workshop coaches will:

1. Have an awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders

2. Have an awareness of the communication and other challenges that can be faced by a person on the Autism Spectrum

3. Have an awareness of ways to support people who are on the Autism Spectrum and who are involved in football in your club(s)

4. You, as coaches and officials, will have a greater understanding of Autism Spectrum disorders.

5. This in turn will benefit any children or adults in your club who are on the Autism Spectrum.

6. You will be able to put practical strategies in place, which will help to enhance the likelihood

of people on the autism spectrum engaging and remaining engaged in football.

7. This will help to support inclusion within your club and within your community

To Register for the Crosshaven AFC workshop on Friday 6th April, 7-9pm please click on the link below: