The importance of good breathing

November 8, 2018

In conjunction with Mayo Sports Partnership on Thursday, February 24, a Breathwork workshop is being held at the new Tennis Court Facility in Lough Lannagh at 8pm.

Experienced Breath Integration Therapist, Mary Naylor, from Ballina will facilitate the workshop. Mary is highly qualified in this very interesting area which is relevant not only to training and sporting lives but also to overall health. Mary is a trained reflexologist, psychotherapist and Breath Integration Therapist, trained in Connecticut, USA, along with a further 10 years of training with Transformations Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 2006 Mary did extensive training with the Power of Breath Institute, New Hampshire, thus gaining an International Breathwork Certification. In 2007 and 2008 she facilitated groups as an Asst. Trainer with the Power of Breath Institute.

Mary is a fully accredited member of the IBTA (International Breathwork Training Alliance) and the Irish Breathwork Association.

Learning the art of breathing in sport and recreation is vital to us all and Mary will share the physiological benefits of breathing an open, healthy breath and the fact that many of us struggle to do this.

‘Even quite healthy people only breathe 20 to 30% of their total breath capacity,’ states Mary, who will explain why this is so, and why poor breathing weakens the functioning of almost every major system in our bodies and makes us more susceptible to diseases of all kinds.

Many may believe that exercise is the key to physical well-being and though it is of great benefit, Mary will teach how to maximise the benefits by regaining the capacity to breathe fully.

‘This can be of enormous benefit in preventing the build up of lactic acid in the body, which ultimately leads to injuries,’ Mary observes.

Places at the workshop are limited to 30 participants and the course fee is just €5.

To book your place contact Anne Ronayne, Mayo Sports Partnership, at 094-9047022.