The Kilkerrin Community Development Centre Ltd

November 7, 2018

The Kilkerrin Community Development Centre Ltd., has been in operation in one form or another for over a quarter of a century. The role of KCDC is to act as custodians of our current parish facilities and continue to look forward and try to meet the needs of our future parishioners.  The KCDC main activities have been and continue to be the development and maintenance of community facilitates.
These include,

  • Development and maintenance of the community centre
  • Development and maintenance of the community sports field
  • Its work in conjunction with state bodies such as FAS, TUS and RSS who carry out maintenance of community facilities and grave yard.

With the closure of the local shop and post office the Community Development Centre has become an important facility in our community, and is used by many local organisations to name a few,

  • The Playschool
  • Youth Club
  • Sports Training
  • Ladies Club
  • Kilkerrin Arts Society
  • Funerals

The Kilkerrin Community Development Centre Ltd., has one main source of income to maintain the Community Centre and help fund new projects. This is the Six Monthly Community Lotto Draw. The Community Lotto runs from August to January each year and includes 26 weekly jackpot draws. In 2015 the jack pot was won twice locally, and including match 3 wins over €18,000 in prizes were paid out.              
There is large scale maintenance required to the Community Centre Building in the coming year and  we would urge all members of the community who can afford to do so to give consideration to supporting our community council 6 month lotto so that the vital work of the Kilkerrin Community Council can continue.