The Minors in action

November 8, 2018

MOY  DAVITT’S  3—13  V  THE  NEALE  2—09

The Neale started brightly and Niall Coen pointed in the first minute to give them the perfect start. Moy Davitt’s took over and scored four unanswered points all from frees to leave them 4pts to 1 pt ahead after ten minutes. David Morrin scored a point from a close in free after he was fouled himself. Moy Davitt’s scored 1—01 to extend there advantage to 1—05 to o—2 with ten first half remaining. The industrious Sean Cosgrave scored four points on the bounce to leave it 1—05 to 0—6 with half time approaching. Just before the break Moy Davitt’s added two further points to leave them four points clear with the second half to come.

At the start of the half the Neale played there best football with the ever improving Cosgrave scoring 1—01 inside four minutes to level matters 1—07 each. Again Moy Davitt’s pulled ahead with a pointed free however points from Cosgrave free and an excellent one from Daragh Walsh put the Neale in front 1—09 to 1—08 entering the last quarter. At this stage the Neale conceded two bad goals one from a penalty and this coupled with three pointed frees left the result in no doubt. Daragh Walsh scored from the penalty spot on the stroke of full time to put some gloss on proceedings. On the evening Daragh Walsh and Paul O’Malley had  periods of dominance at midfield.  Cormac and Mike Lynagh, Steven Morrin tried hard while up front the team were over dependant on Sean Cosgrave and David Morrin.

The Neale lined out as follows: Gareth O’ Grady, Steven Morrin, James Biggins, Niall Halloran, Michael Lynagh, Cormac Lynagh, Paul O’ Malley, Daragh Walsh (1—01, 1 pen), Shane O’ Malley, David Morrin(0—01, free), Niall Coen (0—1), Tomas Walsh and Sean Cosgrave (1—06,3frees).  The club would like to congratulate Daragh Walsh on his call up to the Mayo minor panel and wish him and David Morrin the best of luck for the remainder of the campaign.