Tullow Tournament: Clonmore 0-12 St Patricks 1-7

November 8, 2018

Story of the game:

End Q1: Clonmore 0-2 St Pats 0-3: Darren & Niall points

End Q2: Clonmore 0-5 St Pats 0-4: Niall, Francie & Con

End Q3: Clonmore 0-8 St Pats 0-5: Adam, Crock & Niall 

57mins: Clonmore 0-11 St Pats 0-6: John, Adam and Crock takes a point from a penalty to put us into what seems a safe 5 point lead.

58 mins: Clonmore 0-11 St Pats 1-7:Tullow score 1-1 and it's squeeky bum time.

63 mins: Clonmore 0-12 St Pats 1-7: John McGrath settles the nerves to wrap up the win.

Team & scorers: Gary Byrne, Josh Bowes, Willie Byrne, Andrew Byrne, David McCarney, Anthony Byrne, Larry Doyle, Enda McGrath, David Mulvany (0-2, 1 pen), Enda McGrath Jnr, Con Murphy (0-1), Adam Byrne (0-2), Niall Humphries (0-3), John McGrath (0-2), Darren McGrath (0-1). Subs: Daniel Quigley, Francie Whelan (0-1), Collie McGrath, Tom Pollard, Shane McGrath, Pauric Lawlor. Subs were interchanged on regular basis so all 21 players made an important contribution to the win.