U10 Blitz in Parc Roiste

November 8, 2018

Roche Emmets hosted the U10 blitz in Parc Roiste on Monday night 17th May.

5 Clubs were represented on the night with 6 teams in total particapting on the night and up to 90 children parading their GAA skills for the large crowd in attendance to enjoy.

The hosting club had one team along with teams from St Patricks (2), Dowdallshill, Cuchulainn Gaels and Na Piarsaigh.

A big thank you to the two Young Whistlers from Roche who officiated ALL games – Cathal Byrne and Anthony Ferguson, along with Larry O’Hagan (Dowdallshil) who stepped in to take the whistle also.

9 Games Played in total

Game 1 – Roche 0-3 (9) – St Patricks A 0-4 (12)

Game 2 – St Patricks B 2-1(5) – Cu Gaels 0-5 (15)

Game 3 – Na Piarsaigh 0-1 (3) – Dowdallshill 0-2 (6)

Game 4 – Roche 1-3 (10) – Na Piarsaigh0-0 (0)

Game 5 – St Patricks B 0-0 (0) – Dowdallshill 0-1 (3)

Game 6 – St Patricks A 2-0 (2) Cu Gaels 1-3 (10)

Game 7 – Roche 1-2 (7) – Cu Gaels 2-3 (11)

Game 8 – St Patricks B 0-5 (15) – Na Piarsaigh 0-1

Game 9 – St Patricks A 0-4 (12) – Dowdallshill (0-0)

Game 1 – Roche 0-3 (9) – St Patricks A 0-4 (12)

Roche and the St Patricks A team served up a great first game with the emphasis from both teams on attack with the home side wasteful in front of goals and were made pay with the Pats leading 4 scores to 1 at half  time. Hard and all as Roche tried and although winning the second half on the score board the Pats held on to win. Best players for St Pats were Ciaran Murphy, Ryan Duffy and Luke Higgins. For Roche Gerard Browne, Lorna Ryan and Glen Stewart.

Game 2 – St Patricks B 2-1 (5) – Cu Gaels 0-5 (15)

Another great game with Cu Gaels just proving too strong for a gallant St Pats team. Cu Gaels were ahead by 5pts at half time but got a scare as St Pats drew level but the stronger Cu Gaels team ran out winners in the end with a couple of late scores. Best for Cu Gaels were Caoimh Rodgers and Tara Rodgers for St Pats Jake McArdle and Brendan Woods.

Game 3 – Na Piarsaigh 0-1 (3) – Dowdallshill 0-2 (6)

This was a tightly fought game between two of the youngest teams on the night. Dowdallshill were 6pts to nil up at half time but a spirited second half from Na Pirasiagh saw them come close to getting a draw. Best players for Dowdallshill were Dylan Crosby, Jordan Lee, Abbi O’Connor and Conor Mc Gailey. For Na Piarsaigh Amy Kelly and Aaron Quinn.

Other players to shine on the night for their respective teams were for:

Roche: Ryan Watters, Paul Hammill, Andrew Byrne, Adam Fee and Kaylun Meegan

Dowdalshill: Rebecca Robinson, Conor Maguire and Rachel Morrissey, Sarah Cairns and Bronagh Quinn

Cu Gaels: Paddy Kierans, Brendan O’Hagan, Paudie Ryan and John Paul Elmore

St Patricks A: Jamie Smyth Alex O’Hagan and Oisin Smyth

St Patricks B: Eoin Mc Enanaey, Ciaran Gartlan and Jack McCoy

Na Piarsaigh:Eddie Caffey, Danielle Halligan and Brendan Lynch

Squads on the night were:

Lorna Ryan, Sarah Greene, Rebecca Greene, Glen Stewart, Eoin Murphy, Nathan Mc Aleer, John Rice, Gerard Browne, Adam Fee, Marc Murphy, Andrew Byrne, Ryan Watters, Kaylun Meegan, Paul Hammil, Ronan Baily, Sean Dawe, Ronan Bailey

Conor Maguire, Abbi O’Connor, Dylan Crosby, Conor Mc Gailey, Jordon Lee, Jamie Conlon, Sarah Cairns, Aine O’Hagan, Katie Mc Carthy, Jade Kehoe, Rebecca Robinson, Bronagh Quinn, Rachel Morrissey.

Na Piarsaigh
James McQuillian, Aaron Quinn, Eddie Caffey, Jason Byrne, Joshue Ayomb, Reese Murdoch, Colm Doyle, Ciaran Scorey, Amy Kelly, Fionn Mc Court, Niamg Beggy, Kingon Adunga, Danielle Halligan, Brendan Lynch.

Cuchulainn Gaels
Paddy Kierans, Ella Murphy, John Paul Elmore, James Ward, Tara Rodgers Caoimhe Rodgers Brendan O’hagan, Emily Ward, Cormac Fearon, Luke Penny, Aisling Connolly, Finn Reilly, Paudie Ryan.

St Patricks A
Ciaran Murphy, Peter Surgsh, Ryan Duffy, Alex o’Hagan, Joe Duffy, Evan Cronin, Ryan Kelly, Jamie Smyth, Oisin Smyth Luke Higgins Stefan Breen, Padraig Duffy.

St Patricks B
Conor Mc Eneaney, Jake McArdle, Martin McEneaney, Brendan Mc Cann, Aaron Lynch, Eoghan O’Connor, Joseph O’Connor, Rian Toner, Eoin Mc Eneaney, Ciaran Gartlan, Ben Mc Guinness, Darren Connor, Jack Mc Coy, Daire Mullen, Brendan Woods.