U14 Match vs St. Fechins

November 8, 2018

Roche 1-11 (1-8 H.T.) Fechins 7-2 (3-1 H.T.)

13-aside, Roche had three subs. Weather conditions were very bad with wind and rain and worsened in the second half. Credit to both teams, mentors, supporters and Referee for their efforts. This was a great game of football with good passing, score taking and ball handling especially some of the fielding of the ball in the conditions.


Player Scored Tick if played well and position on team (see numbers be side players name)
1 Robert Smith   Had no chance for many of the goals and still stopped a handful of attempts
2 Sean Murphy   √ worked hard
3 Mark McDonald   √ worked hard
5 Caoimhín Reilly 1 pt Showing well until injured mid way through 1st half
6 Liam Goss   √ worked hard on a larger opponent
7 Evan Quigley   √ Outstanding
8 Pauric Watters 1-1 √ Man of the match
9 Elliot Gray   √ worked hard until going off due to illness midway on the second half
10 Glen Mackin 2pts Worked hard
11 Sean McCourt 2pts √√ done well, great ball skills and work rate
12 Paul Carroll 2 pts Two well taken points early on
13 Darren Murphy    
14 Robert Mackin 3pts √ very impressive skills in ball handling, carrying and scoring
Sub Eoin Goss   √ done well as sub in first half
Sub Aaron Kelly    
Sub Tiarnan McGurk    

Roche began brightly scoring 1-3 to a point in ten minutes. The Fechins then scored two goals in a minute to take the lead. They added a further goal before half time against the strong wind while Roche added 5 further points. The physically bigger Fechins found it easier to score while Roche created most of the play. With the wind and rain in the second half the Fechins began the best and scored three early goals to Roche’s 2 points. Roche regained more position and again played some excellent passing football but could not score. They hit the woodwork three times and found the Fechin’s keeper on his game. As Roche pushed forward the Fechins scored a further 2-1 on the break, some of their scores were very well crafted and executed scores. Roche tried their best until the very end but just could not find the scores to draw level.