U7 Blitz in Tullyallen

November 8, 2018

Roche Emmets U7 – Team I:

Neil Gartlan
Jason McAleer
Ben Gartlan
Killian McKay
Mikey McCourt
Fionnan McGuirk
Michael McLoughlin
Peter McLoughlin

Game 1: Roche Emmets I (2-6) – Glen Emmets II (0-0)

Roche proved too strong for Glen in the opening game. Killian McKay and Fionnan McGuirk started well in midfield. This provided a great platform for the McLoughlin brothers in attack with Michael finishing top scorer being ably assisted by his younger brother Peter. Roche’s defence withstood a strong comeback in the second half from Glen with Jason McAleer and Ben Gartlan putting in some fine tackles and Neil Gartlan providing good cover in goal when required.

Michael McLoughlin 1-6
Fionnan McGuirk 1-0

Game 2: Roche Emmets I (1-5) – St Marys I (3-1)

St Marys edged out Roche in the second game and it was nip and tuck from start to finish. Michael McLoughlin continued where he left off in the first game. Fionan McGuirk and Mikey McCourt both made strong contributions from midfield. Killian McKay and Jason McAleer did well in defence despite significantly more pressure from the St Marys attack. In goal, Neil Gartlan helped keep the pressure off his back line with some good kickouts to his midfielders.

Mikey McCourt 0-3
Fionnan McGuirk 1-0
Michael McLoughlin 0-2

Game 3: Roche Emmets I (0-2) – St Marys II (1-3)

Tiredness was a factor as Roche went down to a stronger St Marys team in the third game. It was point for most of the game but St Marys pulled away with a goal close to the end of the match killing off the Roche challenge. Killian McKay, Jason McAleer and Mikey McCourt were best for Roche.

Mikey McCourt 0-1
Fionnan McGuirk 0-1

Roche Emmets U7 – Team II:

Caitlin Rodgers
Mark Byrne
Tiernan Kavanagh
Dáire Reilly
Jack McKay
Killian Carroll
Chris Carthy
Andrew McKay

Game 1: Roche Emmets II (3-1) –  Ardee II (1-3)

Jack McKay was a late arrival and so Scott Carthy (who is older than seven) was allowed to play in goals to allow St. Marys play their 8 players.

In the first period St.Marys had in their No.12 the best player on show but Dáire Reilly done very well in the middle zone to curb his influence with a number of blocks and tackles. Killian Carroll also was very influential in the middle zone with a find display of passing and carrying skills. When Andrew McKay, who is 5, agreed to play he was a big influence in the forward zone. In her first ever game Caitlin Rodgers done well and scored a goal. Mark Byrne was dominant in the backs zone. In the second period Dáire Reilly was commanding in the defence with his ball winning and good clearances. Mark Byrne and Killian Carroll won the battle in the middle. Tiarnan Kavanagh grew in confidence in this period and kicked the ball well.

Andrew McKay 1-1
Killian Carroll 1-0
Caitlin Rodgers 1-0

Game 2: Roche Emmets II (2-4) – Glen Emmets I (0-2)

This match was close in the first period but Roche had a greater ability to work the ball forward and score. Mark Byrne scored well and was always dangerous, showed great ball skills. Killian Carroll again done well and was well supported by the arrival of Jack McKay, Jack was very strong at winning the ball and kicked well. Dáire Reilly again cleaned up at the back well and was strong under tackles and has a strong kick. Chris Carthy seen more of the ball and scored a good goal.

Mark Byrne 1-1
Chris Carty 1-0
Dáire Reilly 0-1
Killian Carroll 0-1
Jack McKay 0-1

Game 3: Roche Emmets II (2-3) – Glen Emmets II (0-0)

This game was very one sided as both sets of players showed signs of tiring and one period was enough time that was played. Roche was far stronger and the taste of scores got in the earlier games drove them on for more. Even with an player less than Glen and the movement of the stronger Roche players out of the central postions did not allow the Glen forward for a score. Roche passed the ball more in this game and began to play more contructive football for these young players.

Caitlin Rodgers 1-0
Killian Carroll 1-0
Tiernan Kavanagh 0-2
Jack McKay 0-1

The host club had the event well set out and run smoothly. This was an enjoyable experience and very good skill shown by a large number of the players.