Under 15 Irish Panelist from Greenfields

November 8, 2018

The Irish Girls U15 panel of 32 athletes was announced on August 25th by coach Mick McKinnon. These players have been selected via the nationwide Talent ID program which was ran earlier throughout the year and will go forward into a training program that will run for the next 10 months. Commenting on his selection Coach McKinnon said ‘We had an extended panel of 65 and the level throughout was very encouraging. Those players not in this list will naturally be disappointed but can be proud of their efforts and are of an age where they will get plenty of opportunities to make other Irish panels.’

Greenfields are very proud to announce the selection of Grainne Mulkerrin to this Panel.  We will have a picture of Grainne Mulkerrin on the site shortly.  In the mean time take a look at this fine group of Greenfields Hockey painted warriors.  Not even a broken arm can wipe that smile away!  Irish players of the future Smile