Upcoming show's in The Venue Studio Theatre

November 7, 2018

Madeline Seiler presents


In Venue Studio Theatre

Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bloom personifies much more than just the generic title of his album, “Eleven Songs.” In fact, Bloom’s music has uplifting lyrics and a soothing voice that can garner new and old fans alike.

Fellow Irishmen music producer David Odlum collaborates with Bloom in this project and their sensibilities in the studio compliment each other. For instance, the string section in “I Hear Her, like Lorelei,” has a special kick and this incorporation provides texture similar to what a special ingredient would do to a main course meal. Also, it does not hurt that Bloom’s voice is just as rich and sincere as the instruments that accompany him.

 Saturday 20th February 2010 at 8pm
 Tickets €20

Directly from Venue Box Office at 01-6895600