Vandals Break-In

November 8, 2018

The Club Committee were very disappointed to discover yet another break-in at the GAA Centre on Tuesday morning.

The incident occured sometime after 10.30 pm on Monday night. The thieves on entering the pavilion forced the shutters of the bar open. Luckily there was not much stock on the premises, however a quantity of spirits were consumed by the individuals involved. The discarded liquor bottles along with much broken glass and vomit were discovered at the bar.

More worryingly for the committee was the indiscriminate damage carried out by these vandalising thieves. A large number of photo frames were smashed and photos stolen. An attempt was made to damage the Ireland Jersey that Finbarr Cullen kindly donated to the Club from his days with the Compromised Rules.

The Door to the committee meeting room was kicked in and ransacked possibly in the search of money. However the Club has learned from the past and money and much bar stock is never left on the premises.

This incident combined with the burning of the dressing rooms at Oakland’s Pitch earlier this year has cost the Club thousands of euro.

The Gardai are investigating the matter and a number of fingerprints were left at the scene. However the Club would like you help with the investigation and if anyone has any information please contact the Gardai or a member of the committee. All information will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

We see these kinds of acts as an attack on the entire club and community. It displays blatant disrespect for every member of the club.